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Window Insulation Film for Historic and Listed Buildings

Window insulation film is a popular solution among historic and listed buildings, to improve energy performance as well as increasing security quickly and cost efficiently, without altering the buildings appearance.


The Challenges Faced by Historic and Listed Buildings

Historic and listed buildings often face challenges with maintaining comfortable thermal temperatures, particularly where the glazing fails to effectively control heat gain and heat loss. Single glazing can be a major source of heat loss in traditional buildings, and it is a common misconception that there is no way to improve the energy performance via the windows.

Many historic and listed buildings have restrictions in place which do not allow noticeable changes to the building fabric to be made, such as replacing the windows. In some cases, secondary glazing may be an option, however it is a rather expensive and time consuming one.

The installation of a clear window insulation film is an acceptable solution as it does not change the appearance of the windows, yet can dramatically improve their performance.


Improve energy efficiency with Window Insulation Film

Window insulation film is a popular solution for historic and listed buildings as a retrofit upgrade to existing glazing to significantly improve safety, thermal and energy performance. It can reduce heat gain by up to 55%, and heat loss by up to 40%, thus making it easier to maintain comfortable room temperatures. This leads to lower usage of heating and cooling systems, helping to save on energy bills. As well as increasing thermal comfort, window insulation film will also help to lower carbon emissions, making the building more sustainable.

The installation of film is a quick, low cost solution in comparison to replacing the glazing or adding secondary glazing. It can bring the energy performance of single pane glass up to the same standard as double glazing, improving U-factor (heat loss) performance by up to 41% without changing the appearance of the glazing.


Preserve Your Buildings Original Appearance and Character

Windows are an eye-catching feature that give historic and listed buildings their character.

Window insulation film is an optically clear solution, that is not noticeable once installed, meaning that the appearance of the building will remain unaffected, and won’t spoil the buildings character.

As the film is optically clear, it also has a high visible light transmission, so the amount of light entering through the glazing is unaffected by window insulation film.  

Additional Benefits

  • 99.9% UV protection – helps to reduce fading of furniture, textiles, furniture, artwork
  • Fast payback – typically between 3-5 years
  • Sustainable – carbon neutral in as few as 2 months!
  • Comply with health and safety regulations such as Regulation 14 – film can upgrade the old glazing to ensure it’s compliant, without changing the appearance
  • 10 year warranty
  • Increase security


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