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Security Window Film

Increase the strength of glazing, and help to deter forced entry with security window film.

Increase Security by installing Security Window Film


When correctly installed, Security Window Film will increase the strength of the glass, holding the broken glass in place after impact and deter access by all but the most determined intruder.


The security of the glass can be further improved by using a combination of our security window film and our edge retention systems. With this combination even a burglar with the help of a sledgehammer would find it difficult to enter the property.


For a demonstration of our Security Window Film in action, please see the demonstration videos in our Media section.

Glazing and Security

Glass is all around us; it allows natural light to enter our buildings and provides us with a welcome view of the outside world. However, this benefit comes at a cost – Security.

During break-ins by burglars or vandals, access is frequently gained to the property through glass – a window, door panel, glass door etc.

Alarms and similar devices help to deter burglars and vandals but in reality they only report that a break-in has occurred after the event. Security is greater when systems are in place that help to prevent access to property in the first place, such as security window film.

Breaking and entering through a smashed door

The Benefits of Security Window Film;

  • Upgrade glazing to Laminated glass – BS EN 12600 1B1
  • Increase Safety
  • Increase Security
  • 24/7 Protection
  •  10 year warranty
  • Excellent value when compared to alternatives
  • Clean and quick installation, with a minimum of disruption
  • no additional maintenance.

Security Window Film is completely clear and almost invisible when installed to glass : “it’s what you don’t see that makes all the difference”

Glass door being smashed by sledgehammer

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