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Conservatory Window Film

Conservatory window film can dramatically reduce the amount of heat entering through glazing, helping to keep your conservatory much cooler and more comfortable.

Conservatory Window Film

Conservatory window film can dramatically reduce the amount of heat entering through glazing, helping to keep your conservatory much cooler and more comfortable. Glare is also significantly reduced, enabling reading, watching TV, working, or just relaxing!

Too Hot? Suffering from annoying Glare?

Despite spending many thousands of pounds on a beautiful new conservatory, it is a sad fact that many suffer from intolerable heat and glare problems during the summer – making them virtually unusable for months. Temperatures well in excess of 40°C are often recorded, and excessive glare makes an everyday pleasure such as reading the newspaper impossible.

Conservatory Window Film is the ideal solution!

Conservatory Window Film is a type of solar control window film, specifically designed for residential use. It is a high performance metallized coating, which when applied to polycarbonate or glass roofs prevents to prevent heat from building up by reflecting the suns heat away before it can be transmitted inside!


  • Rejects up to 86% of Solar Heat
  • Offers winter insulation
  • Reduces glare by up to 76%
  • Helps protect against sun damage and UV fading
  • Pleasing appearance
  • Less expensive and more effective than alternatives



  • Installation is quick, clean and easy
  • Solutions are available for Internal or External installation
  • Solutions are available for glass and polycarbonate roofs


Maintenance & Warranty

  • Window Films require no additional maintenance
  • When Professionally installed, the film carries a manufacturer’s Warranty of 10 years
Diagram of conservatory showing how conservatory window film helps to save energy

How does Conservatory Window Film compare to alternatives?




Air Conditioning Conservatory Window Film
Heat Absorbed and re-radiated inside Addresses heat AFTER it has already entered the conservatory Rejects heat before it can be transmitted inside
Glare Reduces glare by blocking the view completely No effect Reduces glare to comfortable levels
Maintenance Frequent cleaning and repairs needed Frequent servicing and repairs None
View outside Lost when blinds closed No effect Maintains the view out
Operation Have to be opened and closed, depending on sunlight Has to be adjusted, depending on sunlight Goes unnoticed once installed
Price Moderate Expensive Inexpensive

For a full comparison of window film and blinds, please see our window film FAQ section.


How much heat will Conservatory Window Film stop?

Up to 86% of the heat normally passed through the glazing system will be stopped with Conservatory Window Film.

How does it do this?

Conservatory Window Film works by reflecting heat away at the source.

Will Conservatory Window Film make my conservatory dark?

No. Conservatory Window Film adds a pleasant tint to the roof, in the same style as tinted glass or polycarbonate

Will Conservatory Window Film reduce fading?

Conservatory Window Film significantly reduces both infra-red and ultra-violet rays which are the major cause of fading. Furniture, carpets and curtains will be better protected and will have a much extended life.

How long will Conservatory Window Film last?

Conservatory Window Film is a long lasting treatment and will provide years of satisfaction. Conservatory Window Film is guaranteed for up to 10 years when installed professionally

How long will Conservatory Window Film take to install?

The average installation takes no longer than one day

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