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Window Film

ARC Window Film is a low-cost, high benefit upgrade for glazing which has a range of applications – ranging from Solar Control, to Safety, to Decoration

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Nationwide Installation Of Window Film

ARC Window Films offer a nationwide supply and installation service for all commercial and residential properties. We have a wide variety of window film products available, with varying performance factors to suit your needs.

Our Products & Services

We’re perfectly placed to help, whatever your requirement. Take a look at our extensive range of products and services.

Office glass partition with switchable window film

Anti Eavesdropping Film

These government and military grade protective films give high attenuation levels to glazed areas
Wooden faded floor with carpet

Anti Fade Window Film

Ideal to reduce fading in shop fronts, art galleries, and in the home.

Shattered glass

Anti Shatter Window Film

Improve the shatter resistance of glazing, to make glazing safer and more secure.

Window panes with smashed glass

Bomb Blast Window Film

A range of solutions to mitigate the effects of bomb blasts.

Window with snowy trees outside

Casper Window Film

An architectural film for glass partitions that obscures digital screens to the outside view.

Glazing with multi-coloured window film

Coloured Window Films

Add a range of vibrant colours to any window in your home or office

Conservatory with energy saving window film on glazing

Conservatory Film

 Solutions to reduce uncomfortable heat, annoying glare, and interior fading. 

Retail shop front with graffiti

Graffiti Protection Film

 Solutions to help protect a range of surfaces against graffiti and vandalism.

Bathroom with blacked out privacy windows

Privacy Window Film

Will allow almost all the natural light through, but with added privacy 

Glass door being smashed by sledgehammer

Security Window Film

Increase glazing security and help protect against unwanted entry

Arched glazing with solar one way mirror window film

Solar Window Film

Solar Window Film is the ideal solution to reduce heat and glare

Office glass partition with switchable window film

Switchable Privacy Film

Switch from frosted to clear glass at the touch of a button

Window with snowy trees outside

Thermal Window Film

Upgrade glazing and reduce heat loss by up to 40% 
Womans face showing the effects of UV rays

UV Window Film

Filter out UV rays and help to protect people and property against damage 

Window with snowy trees outside

Vision Control Film

Control the angles which can and cannot be viewed through glass.

Window with snowy trees outside

Glass Containment System

Hold glazing in place when breakage occurs 
Window with snowy trees outside

Reflective Window Film

Reject heat and filter out glare 

Window with snowy trees outside

Frosted Window Film

Two-way privacy, whilst still allowing visible light through

What is Window Film?

Window Film is a thin, multi layered piece of optically clear polyester that is retrofitted to the surface of existing glass. It is sputter coated with durable, exotic materials such as titanium, stainless steel, copper, gold, silver, Inconel, chromium, aluminium and other alloys. The varying combinations of metals are what give window film its exceptional performance capabilities, shade, and colour.

Modern glazing already has similar coatings applied during manufacture – the only difference is that these coating are put onto a film first, and then installed to existing glass. Window Films can be used to upgrade existing glazing to modern standards, or improve the performance of modern glazing.

Window Film is protected by a durable, scratch resistant coating which undergoes stringent state-o-the-art testing to ensure long term durability and longevity.

    Window Film is;

    • Available in a wide range of shades and grades
    • Quick and non-disruptive to install
    • Easy to clean and maintain
    • Fully removable without damaging the window
    • Backed by a warranty of up to 15 years

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