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Reduce overheating with Window Film

We all enjoy the warm summer months but when temperatures reach uncomfortable levels inside the home or workplace, conditions can become unbearable.

Productivity nosedives as employees struggle to get on with their work, while areas of the home, such as conservatories, become unusable due to overheating.

Window film is a cost effective solution to reduce overheating. As an easy to install retrofit product it causes little disruption too.


Why reduce overheating?

Reducing heat gain through glazing has multiple benefits:

Education – Hot classrooms can be disruptive to learning as students struggle to sit comfortably. The warmer months tend to coincide with exam time too, just when students need to be at their very best. Maintaining comfortable temperatures means better concentration and hopefully, better results!


Workplace – There is no legal upper temperature limit in the workplace according to the Health and Safety Executive, but research shows that the optimal temperature for a comfortable working environment is between 21-23 degrees. If a deviation occurs away from this range a notable decrease in productivity is highly likely.


Retail – From food outlets to fashion stores, heat gain is something all proprietors try to avoid. Heat can have a damaging effect on perishable goods as well as fabrics, which will fade under too much direct sunlight.


Home – We put a lot of effort into making our homes as comfortable as possible. We build extensions and conservatories, harnessing natural light and heat wherever we can. However, having “off the shelf” glazing which is not customised to your home can lead to overheating – especially during the summer months. This means our beautiful conservatories are no longer places of comfort or relaxation and will instead become defunct as long as the warm weather endures.


What solutions are available?

Blinds – We offer a wide range of blinds and would highly recommend them to reduce glare or for decorative purposes in the home. However, as a functional means of controlling heat, other solutions in our range offer greater performance and value.

Blinds do tend to work well with older glazing, but with new low emissivity glazing – which allows heat to enter a room then prevents it from escaping – blinds are not ideal. Heat can become trapped between the window and the blinds which causes room temperatures to increase.


Air conditioning – This is a highly effective solution but is also highly expensive too!


Window Film – This low cost product will block heat before it enters a building, reducing heat gain by up to 86%.


Window film – The ideal solution

As a low cost yet highly effective product, it’s no surprise that many customers favour window film over alternative options.

Not only does it yield multiple benefits, it is also quick and easy to install, making it an ideal solution for the workplace or home environment.


Why buy window film from us?

With our wealth of knowledge and expertise we are confident ARC can meet your needs.


If you need to know more about any of our window film products, don’t hesitate to call. We aim to provide exceptional customer service along with a solution that you are satisfied with. Our experienced team will be happy to answer any queries and talk you through your available options.


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