Glass Containment Systems (for Glass Failure)

The installation of a glass containment system (comprised of a window film and edge retention system) is a fast, non-disruptive, and inexpensive method of reducing the risk of injury from glass breakage.

These retrofit systems are designed to hold glazing in place when breakage occurs, reducing the risk of shattered glass falling onto anyone below the affected areas. They are considerably less expensive than replacing all the glazing.

Once the first breakage occurs it is always best to be proactive to reduce the risk of injury from further breakages


System Types

There are several types of glass containment system, such as:

  • Silicone structural adhesive, also known as Wet Glaze
  • Mechanically fixed batten bar
  • Adhesively fixed batten bar
  • Catchment systems
  • Structural washers

Frameless Balustrade Testing

The correct choice of system depends on several factors including the glazing, the frames, the level of performance required, and of course the available budget.

All Glass Containment systems are designed to affix the film to the glazing bar, glazing system, or frame, and thereby retain the glass in place should failure occur.

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Professional Installation

 All glass containment systems must be installed correctly, and in line with manufacturers guidelines. They are there solely to improve safety. Even the slightest error in installation can lead to complete failure. Many manufacturers insist on installation by an accredited installer for the product to carry any warranty.

Ensure the system will perform as intended by insisting on professional installation.

Looking for Blast Mitigation?

Glass containment in the event of blast is slightly different than for spontaneous glass breakage. Please see our product page on Bomb Blast Window Film for more information.

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