Reduce Fading With Anti Fade Window Film

Extended exposure to sunlight can have negative effects on carpets, upholstery and your personal belongings. Colours can become faded and dull, furniture and wood finishes can become damaged, and often the damage is too extensive to repair.

Fading is particularly a threat in retail establishments – where the need to keep contents in displays looking new and fresh is vital

Fading is caused by a number of factors, such as

  • Ultraviolet Radiation (40%)
  • Visible Light (25%)
  • Heat (25%)
  • Other (10%)

Due to

  • Chemical Vapors
  • Age of the Fabric
  • Dye Fastness
  • Wear and tear physically removing colouring agents from the materials surface.




Anti Fade / Museum Window Films

Anti Fade / Museum Window Films Anti Fade Window Film is frequently used in museums and listed buildings to protect precious artwork and artefacts. By filtering out large amounts of the main causes of fading such as UV, Visible Light, and Heat, fading can be dramatically reduced.

There are various types of Anti Fade Window Film to help reduce fading:



Increased Protection Against:

  UV Visible Light Heat
Film Type: (40%)1 (25%)1 (25%)1
Solar Window Film Y2 Y Y
Spectrally Selective Window Film Y2 - Y
 UV Specialist Window  Film Y3 - -

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