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Looking for professional installers of Window Film in Manchester?


ARC Window Films are the market leader for the supply and installation of all types of window film in Manchester. With over 100 types of window film available you can be sure that we have the products and expertise required to assist with your enquiry.

We offer a wide range of window film products, including;


Anti Fade Window Film

With a range of shades and performance levels available, anti fade window film can dramatically reduce fading of carpets, upholstery, artwork and other belongings.


Anti Shatter Window Film

Improve the shatter resistance of glazing, making it safer and more secure. Anti Shatter window film helps to hold the glass together upon impact, helping to prevent injury. It is also used to bring glazing up to current health and safety standards.


Bomb Blast Window Film

Mitigate the effects of bomb blasts, and help to protect your building, and the people inside in the event of an attack, with bomb blast window film.


Coloured Window Film

ARC Window Films have a wide range of transparent, translucent and opaque window films available to add vibrant colour to any room. They can be applied to an entire pane, or cut into shapes or patterns as desired.


Conservatory Window Film

Help to make your conservatory a livable space, by dramatically reducing the amount of heat entering your conservatory through the glazing with conservatory window film.
Conservatory window film can significantly reduce glare, enabling you to watch your TV with no disturbances, whilst also maintaining a comfortable room temperature.


Graffiti Protection Window Film

Graffiti protection window film is a protective coating that is applied to glazing, offering surface protection from sprays, scratches, gauges and acid etchings.


Privacy Window Film

Privacy window films help you to control viewing, by obscuring the view through the glazing, providing one-way or two-way privacy depending on the type of film.
ARC Window Films have a range of privacy films available, including:
– One-way mirror
– Matte
– Whiteout/ Blackout
– Bespoke full colour
– Vision Control
– One-way printed vision film

Security Window Film

Increase the strength of your glazing, and help deter forced entry with security window film. Security window film is a clear treatment that provides 24/7 invisible security, upgrading the glazing up to laminated glass standard.


Solar Window Film

Solar Window Films is the ideal solution to help reduce excessive heat and glare issues. It is a more cost-efficient solution in comparison to blinds, with a quick and non-disruptive installation process. It can also help you save on energy bills!


Switchable Privacy Film

Switchable privacy film is a specialized window film product, that switches between clear (transparent) and frosted (translucent) at the touch of a button!


Thermal Window Film

Thermal window film helps to reduce heat loss by up to 40%, by reflecting the heat back to its original source. These products are also known as low emissivity window films, and contain a special coating that reflects radiant heat.


UV Window Film

Help to protect your skin from damage, and your valuables such as furnishings/artwork from fading, by helping to block damaging UV rays with UV window film. UV Window film blocks more than 99% of the suns UVA and UVB rays, and is often prescribed for people with sun-related skin conditions.


Buy Window Film Online

If you’re looking to buy window film online, we have an extensive range of window film, graphics, furniture wraps and vinyl is available from our supply only website. Products available by the metre, in various lengths.

 We work with some of the largest companies in Manchester as their preferred partner for the installation of window film, blinds, graphics, and signs.

If you require window film in Manchester, contact one of our sales team on 0333 800 2400 or email sales@arcwf.com


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