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Using window film for effective buildings management

Window film can be a powerful tool for a facilities manager. Whether you’re responsible for a single building or a large portfolio, the challenges faced by facilities managers span a huge range of issues. From health and safety to fire risk and energy efficiency, there is a continual demand for cost-effective solutions.

Health and safety legislation is extremely dynamic, responding to latest industry developments and turning up the pressure on facilities managers to ensure properties are fully compliant. Rising energy costs necessitate more innovative energy saving, whilst changes of use in a building present their own difficulties; solutions which worked previously may no longer be practical or relevant, and may even conflict with health and safety legislation.

Many facilities managers will be concerned with how they keep their tenants happy, minimising overheating and solar glare, ensuring sufficient insulation in winter months and maintaining glazing which is safe and suitable for the use of the building.

Window film is a powerful and cost-efficient solution, helping facilities managers resolve these common issues with little to no disruption to the building’s everyday usage.


Window film for office heat control and insulation

Overheated workspaces and solar glare contribute to fatigue in employees, creating an uncomfortable working environment which affects productivity and will lead to an increase in tenant complaints.

We supply and install a wide range of blinds which can be used for controllable privacy, to alleviate glare, and to reduce solar heat, however window films are a much superior option in commercial applications. Blinds can be expensive to purchase, maintain, and repair, resulting in a significant capital outlay for larger buildings and portfolios. Window film has none of these disadvantages.

Window film offers a simple, cost-effective and quick solution to office heat control, the film working hard to minimise the passage of solar heat and glare through glazing to create a stable interior temperature.


Energy efficient window films

A great deal of expenditure incurred by facilities managers relates to the heating, ventilation and air conditioning of buildings. As solar heat passes through glazing and into a room, it becomes trapped and thus increases temperature; however, inefficient glazing will also allow heat loss during cooler months and therefore the building’s HVAC systems will need to work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Window film is a simple method of keeping heat out of a building in summer, whilst retaining heat inside during winter. A more regulated temperature results in a lower HVAC spend and less demand on the HVAC system, with fewer fluctuations in working environment for building users. And window film works instantly! As soon as it’s been installed, the window film will start to reflect solar heat and retain internal (radiant) heat, giving you faster paybacks for your investment.


Window film keeping your building users safe

With the health and safety framework in the UK constantly changing and evolving, window film has a part to play in ensuring your buildings are compliant with safe glazing requirements. ARC Window Films’ glazing audits are conducted by our glazing experts, reviewing the glazing in your building according to use and assessing it against the most up-to-date regulations; non-compliance can prove very costly for building owners and facilities managers but window film is an efficient way of upgrading glazing to meet BS EN12600 without the need to replace.


Bringing your glazing to life!

Building looking tired? A window film face lift will quickly rejuvenate your building, bringing old glazing up-to-date with a refreshed appearance. You can even add personalised touches to your glazing, with our wide range of decorative window films.


Window film in your managed buildings

Once it’s applied, window film is maintenance free with no need to reapply; although it’s a positive addition to a building, it can be easily removed on rented buildings where required by a landlord.

ARC Window Films offers 10-year warranties on all of our window film products. With each film having a lifespan of over 15 years, this cost-effective investment that’s quick and unobtrusive to install will help you to save money and increase tenant satisfaction for the long-term.

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