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Energy Savings and ROI

Window Film helps to Save Energy

In summer, solar heat gain entering through windows can lead to increased air conditioning costs, as we attempt to return the temperature to its optimum of 21-23oC. Likewise, during winter months, the heat lost through windows can lead to increased heating costs.

A further problem, excessive glare, can also contribute to an uncomfortable working environment – increasing employee fatigue and reducing their productivity. This is particularly a problem when working with display boards and/ or computer screens.


ARC Solar Control Window Film is a technically advanced and highly effective means of reducing energy consumption in buildings.

By addressing the problems associated with solar heat gain, glare and winter heat loss, Window Film can;

  • Improve a buildings energy efficiency, helping to lower a buildings carbon footprint,
  • Help to maintain a more comfortable (and therefore more productive) working environment,
  • Provide a healthy return on investment!

yet maintain the view through the window!













A Healthy Return on Investment

The potential energy savings of Window Film depends on many factors, including:

  • Building design, construction, and size
  • Type and size of the current glazing
  • Current air conditioning systems
  • Geographical location, direction and surrounding environment
  • Local weather conditions and climate

Our patented EFilm software uses these factors along with film choice to forecast the achievable energy savings.

Payback is typically between 2-5 years in commercial applications, however when you take into account additional factors such as the effect of improving thermal comfort and subsequently worker productivity – you begin to achieve quite a substantial return on investment..


Improving more than just the energy bill

Window film will reduce your energy costs, but can make other savings to building maintenance and running costs too:

  • Reduced Air Conditioning Load– If your air conditioning equipment is not working so hard it will last longer and need less maintenance.
  • Better management of overall temperatures– If temperatures across a building are more balanced and fluctuate less, then the systems which control temperature will be much more efficient.


A Cost Effective route to a lower Carbon Footprint

More efficient than low-e coatings at rejecting solar heat, Solar Control Window Films are both carbon-effective and cost-effective, reducing a building’s carbon footprint more effectively and for less money than new windows.

Carbon Footprint






In fact:

  • One square meter of a low-e wood window (the type with the smallest carbon footprint) has a carbon cost of 253 kilograms. The carbon cost of Solar Control Window film is less than one kilogram per square meter2
  • Solar Control Window Film saves 1001 times more GHG emissions from entering the atmosphere than is used and/or created during its manufacture2
  • Installing Window Film also avoids both the waste and disposal costs of replacement glazing.

Existing buildings are responsible for around 40% of the UK and Europe’s CO2 emissions. Improving the efficiency of these buildings will be vital if we are to meet our Governments CO2 reduction targets of 34% by 2020 and 80% by 2050.

1Solar Gard, Solutia 22009 Buildings Energy Data Book, published by the U.S. Department of Energy


Window Film produces a positive impact on the environment

Installing Window Film is one of the most environmentally friendly ways to improve energy performance. Not only can Window Film help to cut energy expenditures by up to 30%, numerous studies show that Window Films deliver a positive impact to the environment over their lifecycle, from manufacture to disposal1.







The environmental impact of producing Solar Control Window Film (including raw material extraction, manufacturing, distribution and disposal) is more than offset by customer’s energy savings.

In some cases, Solar Control Window Films can become carbon neutral less than two months after installation.


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