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Window Film and blinds: the perfect match!

Solar Window Film by ARC Window Films is a fantastic product, with a huge range of uses and applications at an affordable cost. But did you know that we also supply and install blinds nationwide, as well as our Window Film? Both Window Film and blinds are great products, particularly when they’re paired to complement each other; so how do Window Film and blinds work together and why should you invest in both?


Window Film continues to work when blinds are open

During the day, you’re likely to want your blinds open to let in plenty of light. Blinds can help to reduce UV, solar heat, and glare but only when closed; an application of Window Film will ensure that solar heat and glare is still managed when your window blinds are open.

Window Film is an ‘always-on’ technology, rejecting 99% of UV, upgrading the performance of glass and allowing you to continue to benefit from free-flowing natural light.

Window Film increases daytime privacy, minimising views into your property from the outside whilst still allowing you to enjoy views through your windows.


How Window Film will protect your investment

Window Film’s rejection of heat, glare, and UV not only keeps your building at a comfortable temperature but it will help to protect against colour fading of blinds and furniture. You will enjoy the furnishings you’ve chosen carefully and invested heavily in for longer, with Window Film an efficient, long-lasting and cost-effective solution.


Complementing your interiors with blinds

Blinds add a splash of colour and soften the feel of a room, creating a comfortable feel and a stylish decorative touch. However, the benefits of blinds are not just purely decorative; they are a highly effective form of controllable privacy, allowing you to choose when and how you minimise views into, and out of, your windows. In the evening, when your Window Film offers less privacy, blinds will ensure you continue to control visual access through your glazing.


On brighter days, they offer a superb glare control solution, blocking out direct sunlight to create a more comfortable environment. However, they achieve this by completely blocking views through your windows, and requiring manual intervention. Blinds are most effective when complemented by window film.


Window Film as a standalone alternative

Window Film is a great alternative to blinds if you do not wish to invest in both. Why?

  • Window Film can be applied to any form of glazing, including curved glass where blinds may not fit;
  • Window Film is ideal for odd-shaped or sized glazing as it can be cut and trimmed for a perfect fit;
  • Overhead blinds can be expensive. Window film by ARC Window Films can be applied to any glazed surface, whether wall or ceiling, carrying the same benefits and at the same affordable cost.


Window Film and Blinds – Working together all year round

Window Film and blinds make for perfect partners, the Window Film working hard to control UV, solar heat, glare, and providing good daytime privacy, whilst blinds offer a cosmetic and softening feel, complementing the window film’s daytime privacy functionality by allowing privacy at night, and reducing glare from sunlight yet further when required.

Window Film can also act as a thermal insulator, keeping heat inside the room and significantly reducing its escape through glazing by up to 40%. Heating costs are more manageable, with blinds offering few practical heat benefits but adding significantly to a warmer feel in a room.


Want to experience the benefits of window film and blinds?

Many of our clients enjoy a combination of both window film and blinds, benefiting from all-round thermal insulation, privacy and glare control whilst maintaining a stylish interior, furnishings protected from UV fading and window views.


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