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Why choose thermal window film?


At this time of year, businesses, schools, and homes will be noticing that their heating bills are on the increase. Inefficient and poorly insulated windows are responsible for a large amount of heating loss in many properties; so what options are available to help you bring energy bills under control?

Thermal window film is an extremely efficient, quick to install and great value upgrade to any home, workplace, or school. It is used to upgrade and improve the thermal performance of existing glazing. Reflecting heat back to its source, the cost-effective film benefits the property not only during the winter but all year-round.


What is thermal window film?

All new domestic and most commercial windows are now installed with specially coated glazing, known as low-emissivity (or ‘low e’) glazing. Low-e glazing helps to better insulate a property, minimising heat loss and helping to reduce energy costs. However, older windows are much less energy efficient.

Rather than costly replacement of glazing, installation of low-emissivity thermal window film can give the same results quickly and easily. Engineered to reflect radiant heat back into the room, the film can reduce heat loss through glazing by up to 40%*.

Thermal window film is a versatile product and doesn’t need to affect your enjoyment of views through glazing, with reflective, tinted, and clear versions available according to your needs.


Advantages of thermal window film

Installation of window film is simple, won’t interrupt your use or enjoyment of your property, and is a great, flexible solution that gets results.

  • Installed onto existing glazing by our expert team, window film won’t interfere with your business or school operations or enjoyment of your home. There’s no need to remove glazing or frames which may still be in good condition, and our team will arrange an installation time to suit you.
  • Window film is a flexible material, trimmed and applied to any window size, style or shape.
  • Thermal window film starts working immediately, and can reduce heat loss by up to 40%; how much could you save in energy costs?
  • Our thermal window film will regulate your property’s temperatures all year round. In warmer months, the product will reject up to 86% of solar heat from passing through inefficient glazing. You’ll save on air conditioning and ventilation costs, and your property’s users will enjoy a much more comfortable internal environment.
  • Window film allows you to upgrade existing glazing rather than replace; you’ll enjoy all the benefits of thermal insulation but avoid inconvenience, business or school disruption and much greater costs, particularly where glazing is otherwise in a good state of repair.
  • Most importantly of all, you’ll save money! From reduced heating costs and lower air conditioning and ventilation usage to creating a more comfortable working environment and saving huge sums on glazing replacement, thermal window film offers fantastic value.


Disadvantages of thermal window film

Window film is a highly flexible, cost-effective solution, but there are a few points to be aware of:

  • ARC Thermal window film has a warranty period of 10 years (and life expectancy of around 20 years). However, with paybacks periods of around 2-5 years, it will have paid for itself many times over in that period.
  • Reflective thermal window film can offer highly effective daytime privacy, but at night interiors are visible through the windows. By pairing window film with blinds, privacy in both daytime and at night can still be maintained.
  • The product is widely used but general awareness is pretty low; thermal window film is a solution worth shouting about!


With quick returns on investment and a 10-year warranty, thermal window film from ARC Window Films is a simple and effective solution to thermal heat control, not just during cold spells but year round.


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*depends on glazing type and initial glazing performance

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