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ARC Window Films install a virtually clear solar window film to reduce the suns heat and protect the wine at the Whalley Wine Shop

The Whalley Wine Shop is a specialist independent wine merchant located in the picturesque village of Whalley, near Clitheroe, in Lancashire.

Established in 2010 this award winning family owned business offers over 1000 different wines, as well as a wide range of ports, sherries, malt whiskeys and other specialist spirits.

Since opening, the Whalley Wine Shop faced a challenge that frequently affects both home and business owners – Solar Heat Gain.


Solar Heat Gain

The suns heat passing through windows can lead to uncomfortable temperatures, damage to stock and property, and often leads to an increase in air conditioning costs.

In the Whalley Wine Shop the Solar Heat was heating and spoiling the wines. In some cases the wines heated up so much that the corks actually popped off! The cost of damaged stock meant that the Whalley Wine Shop needed a solution.
“We’d looked at a number of solutions to try and solve this problem.” Explains Mr Jones, Owner of the Whalley Wine Shop. “Initially we’d looked at blinds, but last thing I wanted to do was stop customers looking into the shop and seeing the products we offer.”

“Another option was an awning; however the village being as it is we would have to get planning permission, and it was very expensive, with a lot of work involved.”

Mr Jones then contacted ARC Window Films, in search of a solution.


The Installation

Following a site survey and assessment of the requirements, ARC Window Films installed a spectrally selective solar window film to the large windows at the front of the store. This specialist product rejects large levels of solar heat, yet maintains high levels of visible light. The result is that the suns heat is reduced, yet a clear view through the window is maintained.

“The solution was inexpensive compared to blinds and awnings we’d looked at, and it completely satisfies our need – which was to reduce the heat coming through the window, yet still maintain the visibility for our customers.”


An ideal solution

ARC Solar Window Film is an ideal solution to problems such as solar heat gain, glare, UV fading, and is used by both home and business owners. It is clean, quick to install, requires no additional maintenance, and often goes unnoticed once installed.

Thanks to ARC Window Films, the Whalley Wine Shop is able to display its products in the
window, without fear of them overheating and spoiling.

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Reduce Heat, Save Energy?

ARC Solar Window Film can reject up to 83% of the Suns Heat from passing through the window. They can help to keep heat outside during summer, and inside during winter – lowering heating and cooling costs.

Where air conditioning is used, ARC Solar Control Window Film has a payback of between 2 and 5 years – making it a profitable investment, as well as a proven solution.


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