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Thermal window films: improve glazing in protected buildings

Historic and listed buildings make an essential contribution to the culture and heritage of a region. However, due to their outdated construction they face many challenges with thermal comfort and energy performance. This is particularly the case where old glazing is failing to adequately control the amount of heat that enters and leaves the building. Unobtrusive and cost-effective, thermal window films are gaining traction in the sector as the new alternative to invasive methods such as secondary glazing in historic buildings.


Why glazing is a challenge for historic and listed buildings

Glazing in historic buildings is often outdated, offering very basic thermal performance. In some cases the full window can be replaced, but in most cases this is not possible.

Listed buildings are particularly challenging, as restrictive covenants are usually in place which will not allow any noticeable changes to the building fabric. This completely rules out any replacement glazing. In such cases where the glazing cannot be replaced, those in charge of addressing the issues were historically forced to use solutions such as secondary glazing – which is often expensive, intrusive, and can also have a negative impact on the buildings appearance. Sometimes even secondary glazing itself is not viable if there is nowhere to install it.

Fortunately, there is a highly effective alternative.


The rise of thermal window films as an alternative

When most people imagine window films they may think of traditional dark or reflective tints that have existed for many decades, but the industry has moved on from such technologies. Our range of window films for historic buildings are clear, meaning that the external appearance of the protected building will not be altered following installation.

These products are specially designed to upgrade the performance of existing glazing and are ideal for listed buildings. They are popular with contractors and conservation officers alike as they represent a viable solution to a common challenge.


How energy efficient are window films for listed buildings? 

Window films offer substantial energy savings by efficiently reducing the amount of heat that passes through the glazing. They help to keep more heat outside in summer, and inside in winter. In the past, thermal performance could only be improved by using secondary glazing or full replacement, but with the introduction of window films, single pane glass performance can be upgraded to a level equal to that of a double pane of glass without altering the building’s appearance; this method is much more suitable for listed and historic buildings.

The window films designed for listed and historic buildings are clear in appearance and provide high visible light transmission. This means that the amount of light passing into the property is not affected by the film.

Some also offer low interior visible light reflection, even lower than glass, meaning that the products go completely unnoticed once installed.


How well do thermal window films perform?

Our range of window films for listed and historic buildings are highly efficient and start working instantly after installation. Thermal Window films installed by ARC:

  • Reduce heat gain by up to 55%
  • Reduce heat loss by up to 40%
  • Offer 99.9% UV protection, helping to reduce the fading of textiles, furniture and works of art inside the building

Window films in general are easy to clean and care for, with no further maintenance or cleaning required following installation but with a lifespan of over a decade that you can rely on.


Why choose ARC Window Films for your listed building window film installation?

We’re glazing and window films experts, able to recommend the most suitable window film solution for your listed building and with options to suit a huge range of needs and budgets. Our friendly and experienced ARC Window Films team will professionally install your window films, avoiding disruption to your home or business and with exceptional standards of care.


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