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The Gala Theatre

UV Protection for Artwork – A Top Priority for Art Galleries

Art galleries provide highly visual experiences, in which the quality of the lighting is a key aspect to ensure that visitors enjoy their experience.

Not only does the correct amount of lighting truly enhance a piece of artwork, it is also important for art galleries to provide UV protection for artwork in order to minimise damage caused by light.

ARC Window Film’s provides a cost-effective solution to help prevent heat damage, fading and discolouring of valuable art. Our range of reflective films provide solar heat, UV and glare reduction, whilst still allowing the right amount of natural light to enter the room.

With many years of experience, we pride ourselves on working closely with our customers to make sure the most appropriate type of film is picked to meet their individual needs.


Providing UV Protection for Artwork at the Gala Gallery

The Gala Theatre is a stylish, purpose-built centerpiece building that sits on the banks of the river Wear in the historic city of Durham. With leading theatre companies, comedians and musicians- the theatre provides high quality entertainment and culture for all.


Choosing the Best Window Film to Suit Their Needs

We were approached during the exciting planning stages of their new gallery space. The new gallery exhibits modern and contemporary art from regional, national and international artists – so it’s no surprise that they were looking for a solution to achieve the perfect natural light level whilst also maintaining UV protection for artwork.

The Gala theatre had very specific lighting requirements based on the shape of the room, and the whereabouts of the artwork that was going to be displayed. After much liaising to ensure that we understood their exact needs, we decided on the three most suitable types of reflective film to meet their requirements- reflective silver (20%), dual reflective (5%) and reflective tint (20%). These were the best options as they provide anti-fading, heat reduction and also achieved the specific desired amount of natural light.

Our approved and accredited installers completed installing the three different types of reflective film quickly and with very little disruption.


ARC Window Films Help Deliver Outstanding Results

Although an inexpensive product, the price certainly does not affect the excellent quality and performance of our window films.

Window film is a quick, cheap and non-disruptive way to achieve the perfect lighting for the best visual experience, as well as providing UV protection for artwork.

Glare is also an issue that many art galleries struggle with. Not only is it irritating for the viewers, but also can be very distracting when trying to view a piece of artwork.

ARC Window Films can easily eliminate this issue with our reflective film, which completely gets rid of unwanted, annoying glare!

Our reflective films have proven to be a very popular option among art galleries and museums. Take a look at some of our other case studies below, where we’ve worked with a number of them to successfully provide heat and light protection.


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