Window Film to Support Compliance With UK Building Codes

A guidance note by Llumar for developers, property and sustainability consultants.

Window film can offer a cost-effective and practical solution to those looking to comply with building regulation codes in the United Kingdom (UK) dealing with the conservation of fuel and power.

These codes cover domestic and non-domestic properties and apply to both new build and existing premises. Although aspects of the regulations do differ, there is also commonality as all require the use of accredited energy modelling software to apply a Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) [1] or a National Calculation Method (NCM) [2] with both developed by the Building Research Establishment (BRE).

The use of energy modelling to calculate predicted carbon emissions, energy consumption and overheating through solar gain is necessary across these regions. LLumar® high-performance window film(s) offers an opportunity to help reduce the cost of compliance while improving building performance. The film(s) can be modelled at the design stages to ensure the right solution is identified before applying them at the construction and/or retrofit stages.

In all cases an expert in each country should be consulted, as although the requirements are similar, there are nuances that will need to be taken into account. Readers should also be aware that window film also may help with compliance with other Approved Documents, such as Part K in England which includes a requirement for protection against impact with glazing [3].


A brief guide to the conservation of fuel and power through building codes across the UK.

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