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Switchable Film – privacy at the touch of a button

There are many situations at home or in the workplace when privacy is required. Offices, changing rooms, bathrooms, medical rooms – the list is endless.

Switchable film presents an ideal solution, transforming clear glass to frosted in less than a second.

As a clean, stylish, and highly effective alternative to blinds, an increasing number of commercial and residential property owners are turning to this intelligent glass technology to boost the home and office environment.



How it works

Switchable film is a retrofit product which is applied to existing glazing. It works by sending an electrical current through an LCD interlayer, activated by a simple on-off switch.

In its frosted state the film acts as an electronic blind providing privacy and visual security for any glass, window, or glazed partition. When no longer needed, simply flick the switch and your view through clear glass will be restored.


The many benefits of switchable film…

Boardrooms, partitions, skylights, and entrances can all be enhanced using switchable film, creating an adaptable environment that is both practical and smart.

The benefits:

  • Instant privacy – this is often, but not always, essential in the home or workplace, but when it is required, workers and residents can adapt their environment at the touch of a button.
  • Acts as a high definition projection screen – perfect for the boardroom, it allows the user to display images, videos and presentation material on both sides of the glass, eradicating the problem of storing cumbersome projection equipment.
  • Retrofit – switchable film is a static cling technology that is installed to existing glass. As it is cut to size it can be installed to almost any (flat) glass surface.


Switchable film versus alternative privacy options

We have various types of privacy window film designed to prevent viewing in both directions, however the view is always restricted.

Blinds are effective in blocking out sunlight and also offer controllable privacy but they will never subscribe to the minimalist look, or impress guests in the way that switchable film can. They can also require additional cleaning and maintenance.

Switchable film is a modern alternative which gives privacy at the touch of a button, and can be cut to any size, enabling a truly bespoke product.



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