Window Film Specification and Guidance

Assistance with Specification

We have a wide range of support materials to assist in the specification of our products.

Individual Performance Data Sheets can be downloaded for each of our most popular products. These are also available via NBS Plus in the following sections:

  • L40 General Glazing- Clause 610 Window Film
  • L40 General Glazing – Clause 630 Manifestation.

We can also provide Samples, Case Studies, and Images of similar installations to assist with specification.

We can even undertake a sample installation if it will help you to narrow down product choice.

ARC Specification Service

Our technical advisors have the tools, expertise, and experience to identify and specify the ideal product to meet your requirements.

Using specially designed software we can calculate film to glass performance specific to your glazing system, ensure thermal compatibility, and ensure you receive the intended benefits from the product.

Using our specification service saves time and resource and allows you to focus on other areas of the project. The service is also completely free for any size of project.

Further Information

Window Film Performance Data for our most popular products

Window Film CPD

Or contact a member of our technical team on 0333 8002400 or email

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