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Save Energy with Window Film

We are constantly searching for new ways to save energy, not least because the government is aiming to reduce our carbon output by 80% before 2050.

Businesses large and small are expected to show their ‘green’ credentials in line with these objectives – not only to satisfy government targets, but also as part of their corporate social responsibility and desire to appear more attractive to customers. Rising energy costs provide yet further motivation for businesses to actively reduce their energy use and “go green”.

Due to the ever increasing demand for energy saving measures, there have been many technological strides made to help us save energy and improve our carbon footprint.

Window Film is a simple but highly effective way to save energy.


The need to save energy

The Climate Change Act 2008 saw the government commit to help limit the global temperature rise to as little as possible above 2 degrees. This means significantly cutting our carbon emissions.

Most emissions arise from energy and fuel use, mainly in industry, transport, and buildings.

In fact, buildings are responsible for around 40% of the UK and Europe’s carbon emissions and improving their efficiency will be vital if we are to meet our energy targets.

The Committee on Climate Change (CCC), set up to monitor our carbon reduction progress, has reported that we are currently on track but the government will have to apply “more challenging measures” to maintain this pace.

Consequently, as energy prices rise, it makes sense to tweak your business premises, or home, to cut bills as well as carbon emissions.


Where does Solar Control Window Film fit in?

You may think your glazing is already performing as well it possibly can but this is not the case. Window Film can improve even the most modern, best performing glass to give real gains in energy efficiency.

On the waste management hierarchy, ‘reduce’ will always be above ‘reuse’ and ‘recycle’ as the most effective way to conserve energy. And that is exactly how Window Film works.

As a retrofit treatment which is designed to improve the thermal and solar performance of existing glazing, it will reduce heat gain in summer and reduce heat loss in winter, helping to reduce expenditure on HVAC systems.


How does it work?

In summer, heat entering through windows can lead to increased air conditioning costs as we attempt to lower temperatures to the optimum 21-23°C.

Likewise, during winter months, heat lost through windows can lead to increased heating costs.

Window Film helps to regulate temperatures by:

  • rejecting up to 86% of solar heat gain during summer
  • reducing heat loss by 40% during winter by reflecting radiant heat back into a room


By helping to maintain comfortable temperatures without having to resort to HVAC systems, energy use can be reduced.

Window Film is especially effective in listed and historic buildings, however even the most modern of buildings can be improved.

Most thermal and energy saving window films are clear in appearance, and go unnoticed when installed.


What energy savings are possible?

The potential energy savings made depend on many factors such as size of building, type and amount of glazing, current air conditioning system, and local weather conditions.

Our patented energy software uses these factors along with film choice to forecast the achievable energy savings.

Payback is typically between 2-5 years in commercial applications, with around a 30% drop in HVAC expenditure.

However, when you take into account additional factors such as the effect of improving thermal comfort and worker productivity, the figures can improve substantially.


A cost effective route to energy savings and a lower carbon footprint

Window Film is one of the most cost effective energy saving measures. It is much faster, less disruptive, and less expensive to install a window film than to replace glazing.


Improving more than just the energy bill

So we know that window film can help reduce energy bills and control temperature, but there are other perks too.

Not least the reduction of excessive glare by up to a massive 95%. Annoying glare often contributes to an uncomfortable working environment. With so many screens and display boards in use today, glare can have a serious impact on productivity.

Window Film also boasts the following benefits:

  • reduced air conditioning load – minimising ongoing maintenance
  • improved efficiency of a building’s heating system – reduces hot and cold spots
  • creates a more comfortable – therefore more productive – working environment
  • provides a healthy return on investment


All while maintaining the view through your window!


Why use ARC?

ARC Solar Control Window Film is a technically advanced and highly effective means of reducing energy consumption in buildings.
It can be installed quickly with minimum disruption and will give a great return on your investment.

Here at ARC we have hundreds of cost effective window film products which could benefit your business in multiple ways. Our team of window film experts can guide you through your available options and make recommendations based on your needs.


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