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Reflective Window Film

With many types available with varying performance levels, reflective window films are exceptional at rejecting heat and filtering out glare

Reflective window film

Reflective Window Film is the highest performing, and most popular type of window film.

Also known as “metallized” window films, there are various types and constructions available. Each is made using a different metal as a main component, and the amount and type of metal used dictates the products appearance and performance.

Due to their metal content they are exceptional at rejecting heat and filtering out glare – much more so than non-metalized alternatives.

Types of Reflective Window Film


Silver reflective window films contain aluminium, which gives them a chrome mirror appearance. They are the most popular product on the market due to their exceptional performance and low cost, and have been around for over 60 years. Heat rejection is usually around the 80% mark.


Bronze window films typically contain copper. They are popular for period properties with brown frames. Heat rejection is typically around 70%.


Neutral window films can get their colour and performance from a metal (Titanium), or from a simple dye. Metallised (reflective) neutral films give roughly double the performance of a simple tint. Heat rejection of a neutral metallised film is usually around 70%, where is can be as low as 30% with a simple tint containing no metal.

Reflective Neutral

Non-reflective Neutral

Spectrally Selective

Spectrally selective window films contain a range and mix of metals, and can include both gold and silver. They are clear in appearance, but will block roughly half the heat, without adversely reducing natural light.

The process of treating the film with metal also has an influence on appearance or performance. For example “sputtering” is a highly efficient process whereby the metals are very evenly spread over the films surface. By contrast “Vacuum Metalizing” is much less efficient and films that have been coated in this way are usually much cheaper, but must less optically clear to see through. Budget films are usually Vacuum Metalized.


Typical Use

Reflective window films are used when heat rejection is the main priority. This can be in the home or office.
For instances when heat rejection is not important (if you just wish to add colour, or just reduce glare) then a simple tint may suffice. An example of this would be window tinting on cars, where most installations involve non metallized, tinted films only.


Benefits of Reflective Window Film
• Exceptional Heat Rejection – much more than non-metallized tints.
• One Way Mirror effect – daytime privacy (must stronger than non-metallized tints)
• Modern, clean appearance
• Great Glare reduction

Dual Reflective

Dual reflective window films are a combination of a metallized film and a neutral tint. The metallized layer rejects the heat, and the addition of an extra tint increases the glare reduction up to 95% (compared to 80% with the metal alone).

Appearance wise they are reflective on the outside, and neutral on the inside. They are ideal for both home and office use, but are known within the industry primarily as a residential window film. They remain the most popular product for conservatories and for residential use in general.

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