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Reduce glare with Blinds and Window Film

Glare is an annoying year round problem in the workplace and at home. Caused by both an intense summer sun and a low winter sun, it often results in serious discomfort and low productivity too.

Having to shield your eyes due to excessive bright light from the sun or a reflective surface is never a pleasant experience.

Fortunately, there is a solution. By using window film and blinds, it is possible to eliminate glare as well as reduce heat gain, making for a much more comfortable environment.


What is glare?

There are three types of glare:

  • Discomfort glare: When light becomes visually uncomfortable causing headaches and eye pain.
  • Disability glare: When sunlight prevents clarity of images such as on a television or computer screen.
  • Blinding glare: Intense glare that prevents us seeing anything at all for a short time following exposure to the source.


Glare can be direct or indirect. Direct glare comes direct from the sun direct into our eyes, usually causing discomfort. Indirect glare (sometimes known as reflected glare), is when glare is reflected off surfaces into our eyes, such as polished floors, mirrors, snow, large bodies of water etc.

Each person has different sensitivity to light and light levels, so glare may not affect us all in exactly the same way.

In general however, as our tolerance to light tends to diminish with age, it follows that problems associated with glare will simultaneously increase.


What are the consequences of glare?

Aside from being extremely uncomfortable and causing difficulties in the workplace, glare can also be damaging to the eyes.

Too much light can result in eye strain, blurred vision, irritation and headaches, none of which are conducive to a productive working environment.

Excessive glare through windows in the home can also mean that spaces meant for relaxation such as conservatories, suddenly become uncomfortable or unusable on sunny days.


What measures can we take inside the home or workplace to reduce glare ?

There are several ways to reduce glare and its negative effects:

  • Alter any reflective surfaces to have a dull or matte finish instead, including desktops, floors and walls
  • Increase the overall brightness inside a building to help with contrast and visibility
  • Change the layout of a room, such as altering the position of workstations and televisions
  • Use computer monitors with adjustable contrast settings


What other solutions are available to reduce glare before it enters the room?

Awnings: These can prove costly and are more of a decorative feature than a practical solution, however they are very effective at reducing glare.

Blinds: An effective means of blocking out light whenever required. Blinds have a visual appeal and are available in many styles and materials, but they can also compromise your view.

Window Film: Easy to install and cost effective. Window film has the ability to block out an impressive 95% of glare without affecting your view to the outside.


Window film or blinds?

Your optimum solution to managing glare in the home or workplace could depend on the configuration of your glazing as well as personal taste.


Do you want something decorative such as blinds, or unnoticeable such as window film?

Do you want the option of being able to control the problem manually, as with blinds? Or an “always on” solution such as window film?

Is your glazing overhead or curved? If so window film is ideal as it can be trimmed to fit any size or shape of glass.


For maximum effect, use window film and blinds together.

Working in conjunction, this perfect partnership is highly effective in blocking out glare and heat while affording privacy and being aesthetically pleasing too.


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