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Carrying out a Property Refurbishment? Window Film may be the best thing you include.


Glazing is often overlooked during property refurbishment and fit out, yet there are endless retrofit options available for glazing that can make a significant contribution to any renovation.

Window Film is a quick, cost-efficient product that can be used to upgrade any glass during property refurbishment:

• Improve the Solar and Thermal performance of existing glazing (energy savings)
• Bring glazing up to modern standards without having to replace (cost savings)
• Bring glass and glazing up to current health and safety standards (compliance)
• Add branding and decoration to internal partitions (graphics and manifestation)


Upgrade Existing Glazing to Modern Thermal and Solar Performance

Replacing existing glazing during a property refurbishment to improve thermal and/or solar performance is often prohibitively expensive.
With the quick and non-disruptive installation of solar or thermal window film, glazing can be upgraded to modern standards for a fraction the cost of full glazing replacement.

Meet Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards
Window Film can be used to improve the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of a building, where it is not cost effective, or too difficult, to replace the glazing.

Why replace when you can upgrade?

Save Energy and Reduce Costs

Thermal and Solar Window Films can deliver substantial energy savings by reducing heating and cooling costs year round.

With a typical payback of between 2-5 years in commercial applications, window film has the ability to improve any glazing, no matter how old or new, to help increase energy efficiency.

Window Film is perfect fit for ESOS
The installation of Window Film during a property refurbishment is an ideal product for the Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS). Not only can it reduce HVAC use and expenditure, it can also prolong the life of HVAC systems due to decreased use and load. The fast paybacks and large carbon offset make it a perfect fit for the scheme.


Improve Health, Wellbeing, and Productivity

Thermal and Solar Window Film is often used to improve occupants comfort by helping to maintain comfortable room temperatures.

Window film can also be used to reduce excessive glare issues, which can help to increase productivity by allowing computer and TV screens to be seen easier, thus improving the working environment.

With BREEAM, WELL, and Fitwell all promoting the consideration of Thermal and Visual comfort of the workplace, window film is an essential consideration for any project.


Earn BREAM Credits

Solar and Thermal Window Film can help properties to achieve a range of BREEAM credits through improvement of thermal and operational energy performance, as well as occupants’ well-being and productivity.


Comply with Building Codes and Health and Safety Regulations

It is a legal requirement to ensure that the glazing of a property complies with current building codes, and health and safety regulations.

Existing glazing can be upgraded to meet minimum energy standards, or current health and safety standards, simply by applying the relevant window film.

Glass manifestation is a legal requirement for large expanses of glass to be compliant with current health and safety regulations. It is a simple yet effective way to alert customers or employees to the presence of glazing.

Manifestation and graphics are an ideal solution to add branding, whilst also complying with health and safety regulations.

For more information on what options are available, please see our section on glass manifestation.

Glazing Safety Audit

With health and safety legislation constantly being updated, a property refurbishment must not only meet the clients expectations, but also comply with current health and safety regulations.

As industry leading experts in Glazing Safety Audits we are perfectly placed to advise on compliance.

For further information please see our section on Glazing Audits


Enhance Partition Glazing with Graphics and Manifestation

Internal glass and glazing is often overlooked during property refurbishment. However, window film has the potential to make a huge contribution.

Make the most of glass and glazing by adding graphics or manifestation for:

– Privacy
– Branding
– Compliance
– Communicating with employees/the public
– Decoration to create a more aesthetically pleasing environment

ARC Window Films have a range of graphics and manifestation available including:

– Bespoke Designs – with our in-house graphic design team and state of the art machinery, the possibilities are endless.
– Pre Printed Designs – choose from a wide range of pre printed designs for a faster and more cost effective solution


Pre Printed

Other window film products that are popular during property refurbishments are:

Casper™ Cloaking Film
Acting as a smart shield for glazed partitions, Casper™ Cloaking Window Film helps to ensure data privacy, whilst providing the peace of mind to collaborate freely in any working environment.

To the outside viewer, everything remains clearly visible except for the content on the screen!

For more information please see our section on Casper Window Film

Vision Control Film
Vision Control Film is an architectural film for glass that changes from transparent to translucent, depending on the viewing angle. Vision Control Film makes it possible to control which angles can and cannot be viewed through glass.

For more information please see our section on Vision Control Film


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Window Film is a cost effective solution to optimize all types of glazing during property refurbishment – the possibilities are truly endless.

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