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Matching Window Films to an existing installation

We are frequently asked if we can match one or two panes to the remainder of an existing installation. Unfortunately, matching films is almost an impossible task due to the following:


Film Age

Once installed, Window Films undergo subtle visual changes over time. Therefore a new installation is unlikely to visually match an existing installation of the same product.  

In addition, new manufacturing processes are frequently implemented, so the new version of the same film might appear and perform differently to the original.


Batch to batch variation 

The same film, purchased on the same day, may appear slightly different if purchased from different production batches.


Replaced glazing

New glazing can look different to the original glazing even before film is installed, and installing a film can exaggerate this difference. Particularly if new glazing has solar control coatings.


Differences between Manufacturers

The equivalent film from two different manufacturers will always look different as the mix within the product is never the same. Usually you can get close visual match to only one side – either interior or exterior. It is also very difficult to identify the manufacturer of a product from visual inspection, due to the above challenges.


Other Challenges:

Matching appearance does not mean matching performance

Although the new and old products might match visually, the performance of each is likely to be vastly different.


Ongoing changes

Once installed, the new and old films would degrade at different rates – so although they appear to match on the day of installation it would be unlikely that they would continue to match in the future.




If you have enjoyed the benefit of window film for many years, it is unlikely that the product is giving the same level of performance that it once was. Why not consider replacing the full area? The latest technology window films offer much greater performance even comparted to products from 5 years ago, and the warranties are also longer.

Window Film is widely regarded as a low cost solution, so the installation might not be as expensive as you think.


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