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Make the most of your home with Conservatory Window Film

A conservatory is the perfect place to relax, allowing lots of natural light and heat into your home. But what happens when the temperature rises and your haven of warmth becomes more like a greenhouse instead?

Winter can be just as problematic, with heat loss so severe that your conservatory is no longer a comfortable place to be.

Overheating and heat loss can lead to underuse of this valuable space for many months of the year, a common problem in countless homes today.

Your conservatory was built to add value and enjoyment to your home, not reduce it, so what is the solution?

Here at ARC we supply and install conservatory window film which helps to:

• Control temperature
• Reduce glare
• Reduce fading


Won’t blinds or a solid roof fix these problems?

In short, no. Blinds are less effective on modern conservatories because the glass has low emissivity coatings and is designed to prevent heat escaping. So once heat enters a conservatory it remains trapped between the glass and the reflective blinds. This trapped heat slowly heats up the conservatory.

Solid roofs are also used to alleviate extreme temperature problems. They certainly help to reduce overheating, but they do so by blocking ALL heat and light from entering the room. This means heating and lighting must be installed adding to the expense – which can often be ten times more than the cost of equivalent window film.

Conservatory window film will reject heat before it even enters the room – leading to much more manageable temperatures.


Conservatory Window film can reduce heat gain by up to 86%

Yes, you read that right. Window film can dramatically slow down the build-up of heat to create more comfortable and practical temperature levels.

Not only does this buy more usable time in your conservatory, it also ensures that any cooling measures, such as air conditioning or opening windows, are much more effective as there is considerably less heat to expel.

Addressing the temperature balance with window film helps to make the conservatory much more comfortable, particularly throughout the warmer months.


Reduce heat loss by up to 40%

Thermal window films can also be used to upgrade the heat retention properties of the existing glass, helping to keep more heat inside during winter. Depending on the type of glazing, heat loss can be reduced by up to 40%, making your conservatory a more useful space during the colder months too.


Reduce glare by up to 95%

Annoying glare can be an issue for homeowners, particularly when it comes to viewing screens on televisions or computers.

Some of our high performance products can reduce glare by an impressive 95% so that reading, watching television, or simply relaxing in your conservatory becomes a much more attractive prospect.


Protect your home furnishings!

Chairs, tables, rugs, and even blinds can become damaged and fade over time with constant exposure to the sun’s rays. Window film effectively reduces fading, helping to prolong the life of interior furnishings.


Window Film often goes unnoticed once installed

Despite popular misconceptions, window film often goes unnoticed following installation.
Window film for residential use is a far cry from the reflective mirror products seen on commercial buildings. Residential window films tend to be neutral tones which complement the home, or can be completely clear if preferred.

The correct product will depend entirely on the main benefits you wish to achieve and the level or performance required. Our experienced advisors will be happy to guide you through all the available options.


Why choose window film instead of other options?

This tried and tested technology presents a winning solution to homeowners looking to get more use out of their conservatory.

Not only it is reasonably priced, it also comes with a 10 year warranty and requires no additional maintenance.

Window film is a long lasting and highly effective product which can only improve your living space.


Why choose ARC?

With our wealth of knowledge, years of experience and superior product range we are confident that we can meet your needs. Our goal is to provide exceptional customer service along with a solution that more than suits your requirements.

Surveys and quotations are free, and often an estimate can be given over the phone!


To find out more:

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We’re perfectly placed to help, whatever your requirement. Take a look at our extensive range of products and services, or gain more insight into our solutions by reading our case studies and articles.

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