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Glazing Audit – Is your glazing compliant?

How safe is your glazing? An ARC Window Films’ glazing audit makes sure you’re compliant.

Health & safety regulations are now stricter than ever. Ensuring that your glazing complies with current legislation is a crucial part of business and property management, whether property is privately owned and occupied or accessed by members of the general public.

ARC Window Films’ glazing compliance audits, also known in the industry as Regulation 14 Surveys, are risk assessments of all glazing in a building, providing you with a full report on instances and areas of noncompliance.

With regulations frequently changing a regular glazing compliance audit is essential to ensure your building remains compliant.



What is a glazing compliance audit?

A glazing compliance audit by ARC Window Films identifies for building owners, occupiers and managers:

  • whether glazing is fit for purpose and compliant with current legislation;
  • any areas of risk; and
  • an action plan that will mitigate identified risks.


It’s essential to carry out a regular glazing compliance audit. As health and safety legislation is updated you may find that your glazing is no longer compliant, even if it was newly installed in recent years.


If an area of a building changes use, the minimum glazing standards required for that area may also change. For example, is the area now accessed by members of the public? Does the new use or activity increase the risk of collisions with glazing? Where a change of use occurs, you may require an updated glazing compliance audit.



What legislation does ARC Window Films consider as part of a glazing audit?

We consider Building Regulations (2010) Documents M and N, BSEN 12600/BS6206, and Regulation 14 of the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992. Compliance with the Discrimination Act 2005 is also considered.

Regulation 14 is the most important of the legislation, and covers glazing in existing non-domestic buildings. This includes workplaces, schools and colleges, leisure facilities, restaurants, hospitals, libraries, hotels and retail areas. It is the liability of employers, or those with control of a building such as property owners or landlords, to ensure compliance with Regulation 14, which states that:


“Every window or other transparent or translucent surface in a wall or partition and every transparent or translucent surface in a door or gate shall, where necessary for reasons of health and safety: 

  1. be of safety material or be protected against breakage of the transparent or translucent material; and
  2. be appropriately marked or incorporate features so as, in either case, to make it apparent.”



How is a glazing compliance audit carried out?


ARC Window Films takes a simple but thorough approach to our glazing audits, adopting a 4-step process:

  • Identify areas where there is a risk of collision with glass. We cover the entirety of the building, identifying the location of glazing and how the area within which it is situated is used, who accesses it and what the risk of direct human contact may be;
  • Assess and ensure glazing in areas of risk is fit for purpose and compliant with current legislation. Each glazing panel is visually audited and compared against standards set out by law, assessing risk in context of the site. We assess whether shields or screens are in place to prevent contact with glazing, and whether large transparent or translucent surfaces are apparent to building users. Where there is a risk of impact, the type, thickness and safety standard of glazing, together with the level of risk is audited;
  • Record glazing of note within the building. Glazing audits by ARC Window Films report on all glazing identified as being situated in a ‘Critical Location’ on site and attribute a level of risk to each item allowing rectification works to be prioritised. We’re happy to produce a full report of all glazing in the building, but this is not required under the legislation. Glazing audits can also, if required, cover assessment as to whether a building would benefit from the installation of an energy-saving window film, reducing costs and improving comfort for building users;
  • Plan and rectify to achieve compliance following a glazing audit: Our team makes professional recommendations of work required, if any, and outlines available options which are legislation-compliant. These may include structural changes such as installation of a barrier or screen, or retrofit upgrades including manifestation and safety film installation.


We will agree with you an appropriate time to carry out your glazing compliance audit to minimise any disruption to your business, school or other building whilst it’s in use.



What steps are taken if risks are identified?

Where we identify non-compliant glazing, work will need to be undertaken in order to bring the glazing up to standard. ARC Window Films will advise on recommended and required works in our report. A Certificate of Conformity is produced following satisfactory completion of those works.



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