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Fade Protection for Museums and Art Galleries

Lighting is an important part of any exhibition or display. The correct amount, direction, and intensity of light can make or break an exhibition.

The correct balance is required not only to ensure that the exhibition can be seen and fully appreciated, but also to protect it from damage.

Fade Protection Window Film is a cost effective way to optimise glazing and the natural light it provides.

“Longevity is very important in art. Invest in the right lighting now so it doesn’t end up costing you in the end.”



What options are available?

Our range of fade protection window films are designed to optimise glazing and the natural light it provides.  The correct product will depend on which parts of the light you wish to reduce, and by how much.

The three areas to consider are the three main contributors to fading; UV, Heat, and Visible Light.


Blocking out UV is the easiest to achieve, with all of our window film products blocking out over 99% of UV rays. UV is the largest cause of fading (40%), so eliminating this as standard is an excellent start.

Reducing too much heat from entering through the glazing is the next step. Heat can be reduced by up to 86% with a high performance solar control window film, and can be reduced by just over 50% with a virtually clear film. So the trade off when reducing heat is always down to how much visible light you want to retain (or how clear you need the film to be.) Heat accounts for around 25% of fading from sunlight.

An additional benefit of a clear solar control film (known as Spectrally Selective Films) is that the Colour Rendering Index (CRI) remains high, whereas tinted window films (below) tend to have a lower CRI. Maintaining a high CRI is important to ensure that the colours of the exhibition do not become distorted.

The greatest fade protection is provided by high performance solar films, which reduce UV, Heat, AND Visible light. There are a range of options here so it would depend on the specific requirements of the curators. Solar Films are usually either tinted or reflective in appearance, so visual aesthetics of the window itself become a factor. They offer the protection mentioned above, but can also reduce visible light by up to 95%. This is particularly useful if glare is an issue.


What Causes Fading? See our article on the causes of fading.

What Anti Fade Window Films are there? See our page on Anti Fade Window Films



Correct lighting is not just about fade protection!

Correct lighting is key for visitors to adequately view and appreciate an exhibition.

Glare can sometimes be an issue, as well as directional light creating a “sunbeam” effect.

Window Film can be used to diffuse light, in addition to reducing its intensity. Diffusing light allows an exhibition to be lit up equally, rather than having more light on specific artworks (or on random parts of the wall depending on the time of day!)



Looking to actively control light levels? Blinds may be an option

Whilst our range of fade protection window films offer a passive measure to optimise lighting, sometimes more flexibility and control is required.

We have a wide range of blinds which may be a superior option in some instances, for example when the ability to choose between light or complete blackout is required.

For more information on our range of blinds, please see our section on Blinds.



Tried, Tested, and Trusted Solutions

ARC Window Films have helped Museums and Art Galleries around the UK to optimise their natural light. Some examples include;

  • Walker Art Gallery
  • Lady Lever
  • Newcastle one

And many more. You can view these and more examples by using the filters in our Media section.



Our products are of the highest quality, from industry leading manufacturers. They are independently tested, and carry long warranties. Not only can you be assured of their performance, but also of their longevity.

If you believe we may be of assistance at your museum or gallery, call us on 0333 800 2400, or email us at sales@arcwf.com and discuss your requirement with one of our trained operatives.

We’re perfectly placed to help, whatever your requirement. Take a look at our extensive range of products and services, or gain more insight into our solutions by reading our case studies and articles.

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