Window Protection Film for Fred Aldous

Fred Aldous, a supplier of arts, crafts and hobby materials, is based in the heart of Manchester’s Northern Quarter in a large three-storey building. The ground floor of the building is formed up of several large floor to ceiling windows, used to display the shops products.

With the building situated on a busy corner, Fred Aldous were frequently experiencing issues with their large windows being smashed.

This posed a problem for Fred Aldous as smashed glazing not only allows thieves to gain easy access to the store, but is also a danger to the public with broken glass on the pavement.

Fred Aldous came to ARC Window Films looking for a solution to improve the safety and security of their glazing.


The Solution: Window Protection Film  

Window protection film is a highly effective and popular product in the retail sector and for homeowners alike, to help prevent forced entry by keeping glass held together upon impact.

ARC Window Films have a wide range of window protection films, providing different levels of security from anti shatter, to full blast mitigation.

One of our experienced sales advisors worked closely with Fred Aldous throughout the process, advising on the most suitable type of security film for their requirements.

Our accredited installers upgraded the large shop front windows with ARC CL7 PSSR, a high grade window protection film.


Why is Window Protection Film so Popular?

Window protection film increases the strength of any glazing, and holds the broken glass together and in place after impact. This will make it highly difficult for intruders to gain access, significantly slowing them down.

Window protection film is completely clear, and is not visible once installed, meaning that the buildings appearance is left unaffected. It is a discrete solution that doesn’t draw attention to the fact that the windows are upgraded with window film.


Other benefits of film include:

  • 24/7 protection
  • 10 year warranty
  • Clean and quick installation with minimum disruption
  • No additional maintenance


Window protection film is ideal for busy shop window displays such as Fred Aldous, where other security methods such as iron bars or roller shutters might not be a preferred option. It is a popular choice for industrial premises, offices or homes.

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