Glazing Safety Survey for Extended Learning Academies

Extended Learning Academies is a multi academy trust, comprising of 8 primary schools situated across Weston-Super-Mere, with the purpose of providing extraordinary education in a safe environment.

With Health and Safety glass legislation frequently changing, many educational institutions are unknowingly non-compliant with the Law. Extended Learning Academies Network wanted to ensure that all of their schools contained a safe environment for their pupils and staff, and that their glazing was still compliant with current health and safety glass legislation.


Health and Safety Glass Legislation

All educational institutions have a legal duty to ensure that their glazing complies with health and safety glass legislation. ARC Window Films help educational institutions all over the UK to achieve this, by conducting a glazing safety survey and, if necessary, carrying out any remedial safety works.


Glazing Safety Survey in Accordance with Health and Safety Glass Legislation

ARC Window Films carried out a glazing safety survey at each of the 8 school premises, to assess the risk levels of all areas of glazing, and determine which areas were unsafe and non-compliant with health and safety glass legislation.


Installing Safety Window Film for Compliance with Health and Safety Glass Legislation

After providing Extended Learning Academies Network with a full glazing report of each school, highlighting the unsafe and non-compliant areas, along with recommendations to bring the glazing up to current health and safety glass standards, we carried out remedial safety works to ensure that all of the schools were now compliant.

The application of safety window film is one of the most widely used methods across schools in order to achieve compliance with health and safety glass legislation. Safety window film can be applied to the current glazing to upgrade it quickly and with minimal disruption. It is a completely clear product, and virtually invisible once installed to glazing.

ARC Window Films worked with each individual school to carry out remedial safety works at the most appropriate time based on the academic calendar, in order to minimise disruption.

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