Wall Murals and Light Graphics for NHS Ward

The Royal Albert Edward Infirmary (AKA Wigan Infirmary) is a redeveloped modern District General Hospital based in Wigan. The Standish Ward consists of elderly and endocrinology patients.

Creating a positive environment for NHS Standish Ward

The NHS Standish Ward management were looking to create a pleasant environment for the patients which would help aid recuperation.

They were looking to insert some colour to the walls and ceiling, to create a positive and cheerful environment for the patients, and encourage calm behavior.


Installation of Wall Murals and Light Graphics

Working closely with the NHS head of department, ARC Window Films designed, printed and installed bright, sunny meadows and poppy field wall murals. Graphics of blue skies were also installed to the light panels in the ceiling, which together, have created a beautiful vibrant stimulation of a summery outdoor effect.

The wall murals and light graphics transformed the ward into a bright and cheerful space, making the ward less clinical and more aesthetically pleasing, helping to create a positive and calm atmosphere for the patients and nurses.


Wall Murals Help to Transform any Space!

Wall murals are a quick and simple way to transform interior spaces. They are graphics which are applied to the walls, such as digitally printed wallpaper, or bespoke cut vinyl.

Our in house graphic design team, combined with our latest printing equipment and software allows ARC Window Films to produce almost any bespoke design and apply it to a range of surfaces, including brick.

Wall murals are perfect for hospitals and care homes, helping patients with wayfinding as they’re able to recognise spaces much more easily with the help of unique graphics.

Wall murals can contain a laminate coating, which is easy to clean and helps to protect against stains and marks, keeping the graphics looking pristine.

In addition to hospitals and care homes, wall murals are a great solution to transform any interior space quickly and cost efficiently. ARC Window Films have a range of wall murals available including digital printed wallpaper, and bespoke cut vinyl.


Additional Benefits

Not only do the graphics look good, they also help to boost happiness. A better mood is often linked to higher productivity, meaning that as well as patients, the staff would also benefit from wall murals. The installation process is quick and non-disruptive. Our fully trained and experienced installers carry out the installations with minimal noise, and always leave the area clean and tidy. Wall murals are also easy to clean and maintain.

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