Lowton High School Window Film

ARC Window Films reduce costs and improve the learning environment at a local high school with a School Window Film

This local high school is a successful comprehensive school based in Cheshire. The school places huge importance on providing a high quality learning environment for its pupils, and frequently invests in modern technologies to improve the conditions for staff and pupils.

A common problem facing schools, nurseries, colleges, home and business owners is heat and glare from the sun entering through glazing. School Window Film is specially designed to alleviate such issues.


Solar Heat Gain, Glare, and the hidden costs of Blinds

The suns heat passing through windows can lead to uncomfortable temperatures, adversely affecting the learning environment. Likewise, glare can play havoc with smart boards and computer screens.

For many years, the school had used blinds in attempt to counter the effects of the sun, but were becoming increasingly dismayed at the continued maintenance and cleaning costs.

“The blinds needed constant maintenance to maintain their appearance and functionality” explains the business manager. “They also had to be cleaned frequently as they are very effective dust magnets – which obviously isn’t good for anyone sat next to them.”


The Installation

Following a successful initial trial, ARC Window Films installed a solar window film to the glazing in problem areas throughout the school. Often referred to as school window film, solar window films are specially designed to reduce heat and glare.

“The film is excellent – it reduces the heat and glare, and we no longer have to go round opening, closing, cleaning and repairing blinds” explains the business manager.



An Ideal Solution

ARC School Window Film is an ideal solution to problems such as solar heat gain, glare, privacy, and is frequently used by schools, colleges, and universities. It is clean, quick to install, and requires no additional maintenance

Thanks to ARC Window Films, this high school has a modern solution to its solar control problems, and enjoys reduced cleaning and maintenance costs too.


Reduce Heat, Save Energy?

ARC School Window Film can reject up to 83% of the Suns Heat from passing through the window. They can help to keep heat outside during summer, and inside during winter – lowering heating and cooling costs.

Where air conditioning is used, ARC School Window Film can have a payback of between 2 and 5 years – making it a profitable investment, as well as a proven solution.

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