Maplewell Hall School Health and Safety Compliance

Maplewell Hall School is one of the five Leicestershire County Area Special Schools. The school is built up of numerous buildings spread across approximately 18 acres, with a charismatic 2 storey listed main building historically built in the 1760’s, originally as a farmhouse.

With the aim of achieving compliance with current health and safety (glass windows) regulations, ARC Window Films were contacted to carry out a glazing compliance survey of the school, as they had not received a survey for some time, and were aware that some areas of their glazing could be non-compliant with current health and safety (glass windows) regulations.


Health and Safety (Glass Windows) Regulations

Current health and safety (glass windows) regulations require managers of all educational institutions and other establishments to ensure that glazing surveys and any necessary remedial safety works are undertaken.

ARC Window Films can perform a glazing risk assessment on your school, to identity any unsafe and non-compliant areas of glazing, and if necessary, install safety window film to the critical non-compliant areas to ensure your educational institutions glazing complies with current health and safety (glass windows) regulations.


Glazing Compliance Survey

We carried out an extensive glazing survey of all of the buildings across 18 acres. A report was then provided, outlining the areas of glazing which were found to be unsafe and non-compliant, along with recommendations to bring the glazing up to current health and safety (glass windows) regulations.


Installation of Safety Window Film

Safety window film is a clear film that can be applied to current glazing to increase the safety and reduce risks of injury upon impact.

The installation of safety window film is quick and non-disruptive. We understand the importance of a quiet learning environment, which is why we always work with clients to find an appropriate time to carry out the works based on the academic calendar, in order to minimise any disruption to the classrooms.

Following the installation of safety window film to Maplewell Hall School, the school is now fully compliant with current health and safety (glass windows) regulations, and staff and students are protected from potential serious injuries due to impact.

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