Anti-Fade Window Film for the Walker Art Gallery

ARC window films are often installed in homes and businesses for the control of solar heat and glare, but their exceptional fade reduction properties make them a great solution for museums and art galleries too. Museums and galleries are home to rare, delicate and valuable exhibits such as paintings and sculptures, yet they may be at risk of damage as a result of solar radiation.

Curators and exhibition managers are now making the installation of anti-fade window films a high priority for the longevity of their artwork. One museum which has installed anti-fade window film is the Walker Art Gallery and ARC Window Films were pleased to have been able to work with the Gallery to develop a perfect solution.


Why do museums need anti-fade window film?  

The biggest threat to artwork, and the biggest cause of fading, is ultra-violet light produced by the sun. Paintings can be worth millions of pounds, and it makes sense to protect these pieces of artwork with the installation of an economical and highly-efficient product that doesn’t disrupt the day-to-day operations of the Gallery.

Anti-fade window film doesn’t just protect the artwork from UV radiation, but from all sources of fading such as heat and visible light. This means that the risk of artwork being damaged is significantly reduced.


The installation of window films at the Walker Art Gallery

The Walker Art Gallery, based in Liverpool, is home to a wide range of contemporary art and some of the work held at the Gallery dates as far back as the 13th century. Some of the most notable artwork includes ‘Dante’s Dream’ and ‘Isabella’.

The Gallery came to ARC with specific requirements, for which our experienced window film specialists were able to offer a solution without any difficulty. We designed a bespoke solution to suit their requirements, achieving specific Lux and lighting levels with minimal impact on the colouring rendering index – vital when creating optimum conditions for priceless artwork.


What type of window films were installed? 

We installed two different window films for the Gallery. The first was a solar window film, reducing how much UV passes through the window and also the amount of heat passing into the museum, maintaining an optimal temperature. The second window film installed comprised a frosted white matte window film, which diffuses light and creates a softer ambience in the museum.


The benefits of anti-fade window film installation

Anti-fade window films, such as those installed at the Walker Art Gallery, have given the curators and exhibition managers reassurance that fading will be greatly reduced. ARC window films block 99.9% of UV rays. This combined with the films impressive durability means that they represent a great investment for the Gallery.


Interested in window films?

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