Solar Film for Canon Slade High School Bolton

ARC Solar Film reduces heat gain through windows to make the learning environment more comfortable for pupils at this prominent high school.

This Lancashire based comprehensive high school has a long and distinguished history. The school has changed much since it was originally founded in 1855, but has always striven to be outstanding; providing its pupils with a safe, caring, and comfortable environment in which to learn. The school frequently invests in modern technologies to improve the conditions for its staff and pupils. Solar Film was an obvious consideration for such a school.

A common problem facing schools, nurseries, colleges, home and business owners is heat and glare from the sun entering through the glazing. Solar Film is an ideal solution to these challenges.


Solar Heat Gain, Glare, and the learning environment

The suns heat passing through windows can lead to uncomfortable temperatures, adversely affecting the learning environment. Likewise, glare can play havoc with smart boards and computer screens.

The school has a large glass front to the junior and senior dining areas. This allowed large amounts of solar heat to enter throughout the day, leading to uncomfortable temperatures – particularly around the summer months and examination periods.


Solar Film Installation

Following a successful initial trial, ARC Window Films installed a high performance solar film to the glazing in the junior and senior dining areas. “Previously we used air conditioning to cool down some of the rooms. Since we installed the solar film to one of these rooms as a trial we haven’t used the air conditioning at all. This shows how much it is working. We are saving on our electricity bill as a result.” Explains the estate manager. “The installation at the front of the school is impressive, and the dining areas are now much cooler.” As the product also acts as a one way mirror, the school also opted to install some solar film to the reception areas for added privacy.

Solar Film: An Ideal Solution

Solar Film is an ideal solution to problems such as solar heat gain, glare, privacy, and is frequently used by home and business owners. It is clean, quick to install, and requires no additional maintenance Thanks to ARC Window Films, this high school has a modern solution to its solar control problems, and enjoys a much improved learning environment as a result.

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