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Bomb Blast Films – Protecting People and Property

Bomb Blast Films are widely used to protect against bomb blasts and other acts of terrorism. Although we have little control over when and how a terrorist attack may occur, by installing blast films we can better protect ourselves and mitigate the effects.

ARC Window Films are industry leading experts in Bomb Blast Protection, and offer a range of solutions to help protect people and property in the event of a terrorist attack.


What are Bomb Blast Films?

Bomb Blast Films are thin clear laminates for glazing which increase the strength and shatter resistance of the glass. They are available in a wide range of grades and thicknesses.

Bomb Blast Films can be combined with an attachment (aka edge retention) system for increased protection. The correct combination of blast film and edge retention system will depend on the glazing type, frame type, and threat faced.


How does it work?

90% of all injuries associated with bomb blasts are not caused by the blast itself – they are caused by the glass shards from surrounding windows and doors that are blown out by the shockwave.

Bomb Blast Films help to hold the broken glass together, and an attachment system helps to keep the combined film and glass in the window frame.


24/7 Invisible protection

As most Bomb blast films are completely clear, they go unnoticed once installed. They are quick and non-disruptive to install, and protection is immediate.


Superior Protection

Most bomb blast films will offer excellent protection against blasts, achieving GSA Certification.

However our combined solution of a high protection window film AND an edge retention system achieves ISO 16933 accreditation, with an EXV33 pass.

ISO 16933 is the highest certification achievable from a window film product.


Save Lives and Save Energy

The main purpose of Bomb Blast Film is to protect and Save Lives. However, they can be used to save energy too!

We have a range of Bomb Blast Films that also offer solar control benefits – such as reducing heat, glare, and energy savings. This means paybacks can be calculated, and your blast protection could potentially be free*

For more information on potential energy savings please see our section on Energy Saving Window Films.

*depends on level of energy savings achievable in the building, obviously!


Further Information?

If you would like to discuss options to improve the safety and security of your building, contact one of our dedicated advisors today on 0333 800 2400, or email us at sales@arcwf.com

We’re perfectly placed to help, whatever your requirement. Take a look at our extensive range of products and services, or gain more insight into our solutions by reading our case studies and articles.

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