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Glazing Compliance Audit

A survey to check that glazing meets current health and safety regulations, such as Regulation 14.

Make Sure You Stay Compliant

With regulations frequently changing, a regular glazing compliance audit is essential to ensure your building remains compliant.

Glazing Compliance Audit

A glazing compliance audit is a risk assessment of all the glazing in a building to ensure compliance with current legislation, and to identify areas where the risk of accidents can be mitigated.

It allows building owners, occupants and managers to:

  • Ensure the glazing is fit for purpose and compliant with current legislation
  • Identify areas of risk
  • Develop an action plan to mitigate the identified risk

Glazing compliance audits are sometimes referred to as a Regulation 14 Survey, or a Glazing Risk Assessment.

With regulations frequently changing a regular glazing risk assessment is essential to ensure your building remains compliant.

Glazing Compliance Audit Methodology

We follow a simple, 4 step process to glazing compliance audits:

  1. Identify – Identify areas where there is a risk of collisions with glass
  2. Assess – Assess whether glazing is fit for purpose and compliant with current legislation (thickness, type, performance)
  3. Record – Produce an extensive report of the findings
  4. Plan and Rectify – what actions are required? What options are available?

During a Glazing Compliance Audit all glazing is visually assessed, however only those areas which are non compliant are recorded. A full glazing asset list can be produced, however this is not required by law. (For further details please ask.)

Key legislation Covered:

Building Regulations (2010)

  • Document M – Access and facilities for disabled people (2004)
  • Document N – Glazing Safety
  • BSEN 12600/ BS6206

Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations (1992)

  • Regulation 14 – The Safety of Glazing

DDA Regulations (2005)

Achieving and Maintaining Compliance

A glazing compliance audit records the glass as at the time of the assessment. If non-compliant glazing is identified, further steps would be required post assessment to bring these areas in line with legislation.

Once rectification works are completed, a certificate of conformity is produced.

Note: A certificate of conformity shows compliance at the date of the assessment. Any significant change of use in an area containing glazing may change the minimum glazing standards required for that area. Should such a change of use occur, revisions to the glazing audit may be required, and a new certificate of conformity produced.

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