Glazing Audits for Building Refurbishment

Glazing Audits for Building Refurbishment

The primary objective of a refurbishment or fit-out project is to improve or re-purpose an existing space. The end result must not only meet the clients expectations, it must also meet current health and safety standards.

Most commercial refurbishment projects today are likely to take place in a space that contains some form of glass – whether this be glazed partitions, glass in doors, or external glazing. But how can we ensure that this existing glazing remains compliant and safe following the refurbishment?

A glazing audit is an easy way to assess the glazing and find whether it is compliant or not, and if action is needed.


Changes in legislation

Health and Safety legislation is constantly being updated to improve safety. What was compliant in the past may no longer meet current standards.

A simple example of this is would be manifestation for glazed screens. Previously this would only be required at one height (Document N), however following the Document M (2005) they are now required at two heights. Glazing with manifestation at only one height would no longer meet current health and safety regulations.

The safety of glazing in the workplace must be kept up to date with current standards.

For more information see our section on Glass Safety Legislation, or Manifestation Regulations


hanges in the workplace environment

When originally installed, glazing would have been specified to meet the standards required for the space at the time. The type and standard of glazing required would have been based on the use and occupancy of the building.

If the use and occupancy of the building were to change, the glazing may be at greater risk of impact and therefore no longer fit for purpose.

Glazing Risk must be mitigated according to the new use and occupancy of the space.



How can we be sure that glazing is safe and compliant?

A glazing audit can be undertaken to assess the glazing and its compliance with current regulations.

We have two types of glazing safety audit:

  • Glazing Compliance Audit – to check the glazing meets current safety standard and regulations
  • Glazing Condition Survey – to check that the glazing operates correctly and safely


More information can be found in our section on Glazing Audits.

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