Lumisty Window Film

Lumisty Window Film is an architectural film for glass that changes from transparent to translucent, depending on the viewing angle. Lumisty makes it possible to control which angles can and cannot be viewed through glass.

Lumisty Window Film can be used to block out unsightly views, add privacy, or to achieve planning consent for overlooking properties.



In 2016 “Lumisty” was rebranded to “Vision Control” (with slight changes in product construction), but the appearance and functionality is still the same.



The View control window film range offers the same 4 product variants as Lumisty.

Y-2555 – Misty-Clear-Clear-Clear

Z-2555 – Misty-Clear-Clear-Misty

W-0055 – Misty-Misty-Clear-Clear

X-1515– Clear – Misty – Misty – Clear.

The numbers represent the viewing restrictions as angles from 0 (straight ahead), so Y2555 is translucent from 25 to 55 degrees from straight ahead. W0055 offers more privacy, and is therefore translucent from straight ahead 00, to 55 degrees.

Lumisty products can be installed vertically or horizontally, or flipped so as to control viewing in the desired directions.

Other Privacy and View Control Products:


Switchable window film changes from clear to frosted at the touch of a button. It is ideal for meeting room, offices, viewing windows – anywhere that controllable privacy may be of benefit. For more information see our page on switchable window film.


Casper cloaking window film blocks out screens and monitors when viewed through glass. Everything else remains visible, only the (potentially sensitive) content on the screens is restricted. It is ideal for meeting rooms and situations where confidentially is essential – particularly with now with the more stringent GDPR. For more information see our page on Casper cloaking window film

Accredited Installation

Specialist products such as Lumisty, Casper, and Switchable Window Film can only be installed by approved and accredited installers. As industry leading experts in window film ARC Window Films have all the accreditations required to undertake any project. Contact us today on 0333 800 2400 to discuss how we can help on your next project.

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