Glazing Risk Assessment for Universities

It is a legal requirement for universities to ensure the welfare of their students and staff, and that a safe environment is provided.

A glazing risk assessment can be carried out to highlight any areas of the glazing that do not comply with current health and safety regulations, which can then be rectified with the installation of safety window film.

Why a Glazing Risk Assessment is Essential for Universities

Health and safety regulations are frequently changing, which often leaves educational institutions non-compliant with the law without knowing so.

It is essential for universities to avoid this and maintain glass safety standards, with a regular glazing risk assessment.

ARC Window Films work with many universities across the UK, providing glazing risk assessments and proposing solutions to bring any non-compliant areas of glazing back up to current health and safety standards.

What Next? Following a Glazing Risk Assessment

After the glazing risk assessment, a full report will be provided, highlighting any areas of unsafe and non-compliant glazing. ARC Window Films can then install safety window film to bring the glazing up to current standards.

Safety window film is a quick, non-disruptive method used by most educational institutions to bring the glazing up to health and safety standards.

Once applied, safety window film will increase the strength of the glazing and help to hold the glass together upon impact, thus reducing the risk of breakage and helping to protect staff and pupils from serious injury.

Why is Window Film so Popular Amongst Universities?

ARC Window Films offer an extensive range of window films that are beneficial for Universities, providing solutions for a number of issues including:

  • Health and Safety Compliance
  • Reduce glare and improve visual comfort
  • Maintain a comfortable room temperature – reduce/retain heat
  • GDPR compliance – help keep confidential documents private

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