Vinyl Wrap for Refurbishment

Wrap Vinyl wrap is a simple and smart solution to transform any space, combining aesthetics, economy, durability, ease of installation and maintenance.


Vinyl Wrap – A Simplified Solution for Renovation

Reviving old and worn surfaces can be expensive and time consuming with a traditional renovation. Even for new spaces, achieving the exact look you want can be expensi

Vinyl wrap is a complete resurfacing of existing substrates. It is a simplified solution for renovation, that is highly cost-efficient in comparison to a complete renovation. The installation process of vinyl wrap is quick and non-disruptive, with no noise and no mess.

Vinyl wrap is often used in hotels, office spaces, restaurants, bars, retail shops and exhibition wrapping to create unique displays and high quality interiors.


Choose from hundreds of textures and patterns – there’s no limit!

ARC Window Films have an extensive range of realistic and natural looking textures, colours and patterns to choose from, so you can customise your surfaces to get the exact look that you desire.

Our vinyl wrap range includes:

  • Wood
  • Marble
  • Natural stone
  • Fabric
  • Solid colour
  • Metallic
  • Leather
  • Glitter


As well as our extensive range, vinyl wrap can be applied to numerous surfaces, including furniture, walls, and doors.


High Quality Spaces for any Interior – Old or New!

Vinyl wrap is commonly used to renovate and rejuvenate old and worn surfaces. There’s no need to replace, when you can simply resurface, and achieve the same visual effect. Vinyl wrap is also frequently used to affordably achieve the exact desired look and texture for brand new spaces.


Simplifying Renovation with a Cost-efficient Solution

Some organisations’ budgets may not be able to cover the high cost of traditional renovations, so it may not always be an option.

Vinyl wrap is an affordable, cost-efficient way to renovate and highlight your interiors.

With typical savings of 50%, compared to traditional renovation, you can achieve the same visual result for just a fraction of the cost! Add a luxurious and refined style to your walls and furniture, or create unique displays with vinyl wrap. It’s the perfect solution for a quick and cost-effective renovation.


Quick, Non-disruptive Installation

Traditional renovations are often time consuming, noisy and disruptive. The installation process for vinyl wrap is quick, with minimal noise and disruption. Traditional renovations usually require closure of areas for long periods of time whilst the work is being carried out.

However, with the fast installation of interior wraps, you don’t need to worry about losing revenue for your business, or not having access to the area for long periods of time. Interior wraps also have no smell or moisture, unlike paint or other renovation methods do.


Additional Benefits of Vinyl Wrap

  • Wide range of different finishes available
  • Low maintenance – easy to clean and maintain – contains a laminate coating to help prevent marks and stains
  • Typically 50% savings compared to traditional refurbishment
  • 10 year warranty
  • Fire resistant
  • Authentic and realistic
  • Cover almost any surface


Buy Window Film Online

If you’re looking to buy window film online, we have an extensive range of window film, graphics, furniture wraps and vinyl is available from our supply only website. Products available by the metre, in various lengths.


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