Window Film for Refurbishment and Fit Out

Refurb and Fit out – Don’t forget the glazing!

With new build construction only adding a few percent of commercial floor space each year, refurbishment of existing space is not only popular – it is essential.

During commercial refurbishments attention is given to floors, walls, and ceilings, however one important component is often overlooked – the glazing. Glazing is an important part of a buildings fabric and should always be considered during refurbishment.

Existing glazing has the potential to make a huge contribution to any renovation or refurbishment. Glazing can be upgraded to modern thermal and solar performance, it can be customized to suit the new use and occupancy of the space, or it can be utilised as an extra location for decoration and branding.

Glazing need not be replaced to offer these benefits, it can be upgraded quickly and effectively with an installation of window film.


Improve the Performance of existing glazing

Window Film is a simple, cost effective way to improve the solar and thermal performance of existing glazing. Glazing can be customized to suit the new use and occupancy of the space, by addressing issues such as heat gain, heat loss, and glare.

By improving the performance of existing glazing, considerable energy savings can be achieved. By reducing the strain on HVAC systems window film offers fast paybacks and a considerable return on investment.

What client would not want to reduce their energy expenditure?!


For more information on the energy saving potential of window film, view our article on how to save energy with window film

and or its potential energy savings / return on investment



Improve the Buildings External Appearance

Although window film is predominantly a functional product, it can also have a huge impact on visual aesthetics.

By giving the glazing a modern, uniform look, a building’s exterior can be vastly improved and modernised.

When taking into account the energy savings and fast payback of the product, this improvement in appearance is effectively free!



Is there a Legal requirement to address glass and glazing following refurbishment?

Quite simply, Yes!

The original glazing would have been specified according to the original use of the space, and according to building and health & safety legislation at the time. Building Regulations and Health and Safety legislation is continually being updated, and is more stringent today than it has ever been.  What was compliant a mere 10 years ago may no longer be compliant today.

Changes in use and occupancy could mean that the glazing (particularly in critical locations) may no longer be fit for purpose, and therefore no longer compliant.

Ensuring that the space is compliant with current health and safety legislation and is safe for occupants should be paramount during any refurbishment.

Unsure if your glazing meets current requirements? See our sections on Glazing Audits following refurbishment.



Improve Safety and Security

Following renovation, the new occupants may need greater safety or security than the previous occupants. We have a range of retrofit solutions for Security, and Blast Mitigation, depending on what type of threat is expected.

See our page on Security Window Films, or Blast Mitigation Window Films for more information.

In addition, cyber security is becoming increasingly important for all sizes of organisation. Wifi Theft, Data Breaches, and corporate espionage are all a risk in today’s society. Fortunately, a range of window films are available to shield against such threats.

Window Film can also be used for added privacy against drones – an emerging threat in corporate espionage.



Add Decoration with Window Graphics


Glazed partitions are a popular addition to a modern office. They can be used to break up a space yet maintain an open feel, and reduce noise yet retain the benefits of natural light.

However, offices with glazed partitions could suffer from a goldfish bowl effect, as passers-by continually look into the office.

Manifestation and Window Graphics are an excellent solution to this, whilst adding colour, decoration, or branding to the glass. Manifestation is a legal requirement in some situations, such as large expanses of continuous glass.

External Glazing provides another opportunity add privacy, branding, or to communicate with passers-by. The possibilities are endless with a wide range of solutions available to cater for every need.

See our section on Window Graphics, or our article on Partition Graphics for more information.


Glazing is an important part of the building fabric and should be considered during every refurbishment. Solar Control, Safety, Energy Saving, and Decoration are just some of the benefits that can be achieved by installing a window film.

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