Regulation 14 Survey for Schools

Educational institutions have a legal duty to provide a safe environment, and promote the welfare of their pupils. The Department for Education state that “all staff have a responsibility to provide a safe environment in which children can learn”

Window Film is a quick, low cost method used by many educational institutes to upgrade any non-compliant glazing, and help bring it up to current health and safety standards.


Regulation 14 and Glazing Safety

New glazing legislations may mean that old glazing in educational institutes might no longer be compliant- many are actually unknowingly non-compliant with new glass regulations, so it is essential that you ensure your glazing is safe and up to standards.

ARC Window Films can identify areas of non-compliance, and propose solutions. This could include replacing the glazing with new compliant glass, or just simply upgrading the existing glass by installing anti shatter window film or manifestation. A regular glazing risk assessment will help keep your educational institute a safe environment for the pupils.


Find Areas of Non-compliance With a Glazing Risk Assessment

Regulation 14 (glazing safety legislation) states that every window or other transparent or translucent surface in a wall or door should “be of safety material or protected against breakage.” If the glass does not comply with regulations, then it is considered unsafe.

It is the educational institutes legal duty to check that the glazing is safe, and complies with regulations.

ARC Window Films can check this, by conducting a Regulation 14 survey, and installing safety film to any areas if they are non-compliant. Regulation 14 also states that windows and doors with transparent or translucent glass should “be appropriately marked or incorporate features so as, in either case, to make it apparent”.

ARC Window Films offers bespoke and pre designed glass manifestation to make the glass more noticeable, and help prevent injuries from walking (or worse, running) into the glass.


Achieve Compliance With Window Film

If non-compliant glazing areas are found, there are a range of options to make it compliant with regulations, including replacing the glazing, adding barriers etc.

Window Film is an easy, cost efficient solution. Safety Window Film helps to improve the safety of pupils and staff by increasing the strength of the glass and holding it together in the case of impact. Also, glass manifestation is a simple option which can be used to bring non-compliant glass up to modern standards quickly and easily. Window Film is the most widely used method to bring existing glazing up to standards to improve school safety.


Improve More Than Just Safety

As well as compliance with health and safety regulations, ARC Window Films have a wide range of solutions that can help to improve the learning environment, offering benefits such as:

Reduced glare and improved visual comfort One of the most common problems within a classroom is annoying glare. It effects the whiteboard/smartboard, computer screens, and is overall extremely disrupting!

Solar Window film can reduce glare by up to 95%, whilst still allowing natural light into the classroom without sacrificing the view through the window.

Maintaining a comfortable classroom temperature By reducing heat loss by up to 40%, and heat gain by up to 86%, thermal window film can help to control classroom temperatures all year round.

GDPR compliance Privacy window film can be easily applied to any areas within the school that require extra privacy in order to help keep documents confidential and ensure that pupils personal information remains private.

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