Using Window Film in Education

Schools, colleges, and universities have favoured window film for decades due to its many practical advantages and aesthetic qualities.

From dealing with issues such as overheating and glare, to privacy and anti-vandalism, there are multiple ways this cost-effective and zero maintenance solution can be of great benefit to education facilities.

Window film is very effective when used alone and new solar window films are often seen as a modern, low cost alternative to blinds.


Too hot or cold in the classroom? Use window film to prevent uncomfortable temperatures


Reject heat

When temperatures deviate from the optimum range of 21-23℃, pupils become irritable and productivity slides. This is a common occurrence all year round but particularly during the summer months, which unfortunately happens to be exam season too.

Blinds have traditionally been used to counter this problem by reflecting heat once it has entered the room. However, by this time it’s too late to stop the temperature rising simply because modern glazing is so effective at retaining heat.

Here at ARC we supply and install solar window film which prevents room temperatures reaching uncomfortable levels by rejecting around 86% of the sun’s heat before it even enters the room. This means happy students, happy teachers, and hopefully great exam results too…


Retain heat

Heat loss through windows can be a particular problem through winter, leading to uncomfortable classrooms and raised heating costs too.

Thermal window film can be of real benefit by effectively retaining any heat that enters a room, working well to maintain optimum temperatures. Installing thermal window film guarantees an agreeable and productive learning environment as well as improving a building’s energy efficiency.


Considering replacement windows?

If you are considering replacing any windows, make sure you explore the option of energy saving window film first. This can be used to upgrade the thermal performance of your existing glazing by helping to retain heat in winter and reject it in summer.

Single pane glass can be improved to give the performance of double, and double to triple, simply by installing window film.

This can lead to reduced heating and cooling costs plus substantial energy savings too.

Window film is a real alternative to replacement glazing and is available at a fraction of the cost.


Are your students hampered by glare on their computer screens?

Glare is a real problem that occurs all year round and can cause much disruption to learning. The majority of schools, colleges, and universities use computers, tablets and smartboards daily. Glare can make it almost impossible to view such devices, leading to difficulties in the classroom.

Fortunately, solar window film can provide a solution by reducing glare by an impressive 95%!


Do all your windows and vision panels meet new health and safety standards?

With health and safety regulations frequently being updated it is essential that all aspects of your building remain safe and compliant. Ensuring the safety of occupants is a legal requirement in any building, not just in schools.


Non-compliant glazing can be upgraded to meet current standards with the installation of an anti-shatter window film. This is a quick and low cost method to upgrade glazing to meets current standards – protecting students in case of accidental impact.

If you are unsure as to whether your windows comply with regulations, please contact us to arrange a glazing audit. We can pinpoint any problems and develop a plan for modification to ensure your windows conform to expected standards.


Window film can aid privacy and safeguarding

Safeguarding children is a huge priority in schools and colleges today. Privacy window film can be used to restrict viewing through glazing in numerous situations such as ground floor classrooms or toilets. It can also come in handy to prevent pupils getting distracted too!

Teachers also require their privacy in staff rooms, reception areas and departmental offices. One way mirror film can be of real benefit here, allowing teachers to view those outside while preventing anyone from looking in.


Build your school branding with vibrant, coloured window film

Coloured window film can create ambience and inject life into an otherwise dull space. Used widely in schools, colleges and universities, it can also be made to incorporate logos and graphics for added effect.


How else can window film can enhance the learning environment?

Here at ARC we have hundreds of cost effective window film products which could benefit your learning space in multiple ways. Finding the right product for your establishment will depend on what you wish to achieve. Our experienced team of window film experts will guide you through the available options and make recommendations based on your needs.



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