Improve Glazing Energy Performance with Window Film

Whether you are looking for improved performance to address issues such as heat or glare, you are looking to bring old glazing up to modern standards, or you have recently had glazing replaced and wish to optimise performance, window film is the ideal choice.

How can Window Film help?

Window Film is a high performance upgrade for existing glazing which can be used to improve its solar and/or thermal performance.

Glazing that is not optimised for the current use and occupancy of a building can be inefficient – leading to problematic heat gain or heat loss issues.

This ongoing struggle can lead to an uncomfortable workplace, and attempts to correct the issue retrospectively can be lead to excessive heating and cooling expenditure.

Window Film can be used to keep more heat outside during summer, and inside during winter, to correct any performance inefficiencies and optimise the glazing.

What performance improvements are possible?

Window Film Performance Potential
Heat gain reduction >85%
Heat loss reduction >40%
Glare reduction >95%
UV protection Up to 99.9%
HVAC Energy savings Up to 30%
Payback Typical 3-5 years
Safety EN12600


A functional product, that just happens to save energy

Window film is primarily designed to alleviate issues with overheating, or solar glare. By reducing overheating in summer, thermal comfort can be improved for occupants. Likewise, glare can be a problem year round, but is easily alleviated with window film.

However by reducing excessive heat gain in summer, and heat loss in winter, expenditure on heating and cooling can be reduced. Typically, HVAC expenditure drops by around 30%. Concurrently, paybacks are around 2-5 years, but obviously this depends on situational factors such as the building type, glass type, HVAC system etc.


How does window film compare to other energy saving solutions?

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