Increase Security With Security Film

Burglaries and thefts are rising at an alarming rate. Between 2017 and 2018, the total number of burglaries (residential and business) recorded by the police in the UK increased by 11%. The cost of repair due to break in damages and the value of stolen items is also increasing.

Security Film is an essential product to increase the security of any home or building. With a quick and non-disruptive installation process, it can address a range of security issues such as increasing the difficulty of forced entry, and improving the safety of a home or building.


Closing The Window of Opportunity for Criminals With Security Film

Physical Security

A common method of gaining forced entry into a building is through the glazing. Being a fragile material, glazing is one of the weakest points of a building, whether it’s the windows, door panels, glass doors etc.

Strengthen the glazing and increase security with security film. Window film can increase the shatter resistance of any glazing, to help delay or prevent forced entry.

Burglar alarms and other similar devices will raise awareness of a break in during or after the incident, but security film will substantially increase the difficulty of entry, and deter all but the most determined of intruders.

Range of Security Window Films from anti shatter to full bomb blast

ARC Window Films has a whole range of safety and security film suitable for all levels of risk, from anti shatter to full bomb blast!

Security Film Certification

Our security films are independently tested and certified to ascertain individual performance and ensure continued durability. The films are tested and certified according to the following safety standards:

European Standard EN12600 Safety Resistance Against Impact
European Standard EN356 Security Resistance Against Manual Attack
International Standard ISO16933 Blast Resistance Against Explosion


Edge retention systems

Edge retention increases security by affixing the film and glass to the frame, increasing the integrity of the full unit.

A combination of our security film, finished with our edge retention system will further increase security levels. With these two solutions combined, even a committed burglar with a sledgehammer would struggle to gain entry through the glazing.

All of our safety/ security films offer 24/7 invisible defense against forced entry. Watch our video demonstration of security film in action.


These window films offer 24/7 protection, and help to increase security, upgrading the glazing to security certification standards. The installation process is quick and clean with minimum disruption, and no additional maintenance required! ARC Window Films also offers a 10 year warranty.

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