Thermal Window Film

Thermal Window Film

Thermal Window Film is an ideal way to improve the thermal efficiency of glazing

Thermal Window Film can be installedThermal Window Film to existing glazing to reduce heat loss by reflecting heat back to its source.


These products (also known as low emissivity window films) contain a special coating which reflects radiant heat. 


The installation of Thermal Window Film can reduce the amount of heat that is lost through glazing by as much as 40%!


Thermal Window Films;

  • Reduce Heat Loss by up to 40%,

  • Reject up to 85% of Solar Heat,

  • Reduce up to 90% of the Suns Glare,

yet maintain the view through the window!


Reduce Heat Loss during winter

Single Pane GlassIn winter, even the most efficient glazing loses heat. Energy bills can increase as we try to replace this lost heat, and with energy costs continually increasing, reducing heat loss will become even more important.

Our highest performing window films effectively upgrade single into double pane, and double into triple pane glazing – whilst avoiding the large financial and environmental costs of replacing the entire system.



GlareReduce Solar Heat during summer

In summer, solar heat gain entering through windows can lead to uncomfortable temperatures far above the optimum of 21-23°C. Air conditioning costs can increase as we attempt to return to this temperature.

Thermal Window Film helps reject this heat from entering through the glazing



Reduce Glare all year round

Excessive glare can contribute to a visually uncomfortable working environment - increasing employee fatigue and reducing their productivity. This is particularly a problem when working with display boards and/ or computer screens, and especially in the low winter sun.

Thermal Window Film helps to reduce the amount of glare that enters through the glazing – without sacrificing the view through the window!


Heat and Glare entering through windows is a problem all year round – but fortunately they can be alleviated with Thermal Window Film.


Window Film is;

  • cost effective, with proven ROI
  • clean and quick to install with a minimum of disruption
  • requires no additional maintenance
  • comes with a 10 year warranty for commercial applications
  • available in a variety of colours to compliment the buildings appearance


Thermal Window Film can help Save Energy

By addressing the problems associated with solar heat gain, glare and winter heat loss, Thermal Window Film can;

  • Improve a buildings energy efficiency, helping to lower a buildings carbon footprint,

  • Help to maintain a more comfortable (and therefore more productive) working environment,

  • Provide a healthy return on investment!

yet maintain the view through the window


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Additional Window Film Benefits:

The greatest advantage of window film when compared to alternatives is that it offers a combination of benefits. Films can include some if not all of the following additional benefits:


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