Solar Window Film from ARC Window Films
  • ARC Reflective Silver – to Reduce Heat, Glare, and UV
  • ARC Neutral Tint – to Reduce Glare and UV
  • ARC Spectrally Selective Window Film – to Reduce Heat and Fading
  • ARC Reflective Silver – One Way Mirror Effect
  • ARC Reflective Silver – minimal change to internal view
  • ARC Dual Reflective Window Film – Ideal for homes


Solar Window Film is the ideal solution to reduce heat and glare

Solar Window Film can be installed to existing glazing to alleviate common solar problems such as excessive heat and annoying glare.

A more cost effective solution than blinds, and less disruptive than replacement glazing, Solar Window Film is quick to install, offers multiple benefits, and can even help you save energy!

How Solar Window Film WorksSolar Window Film; 

  • Rejects up to 86% of Solar Heat
  • Reduces up to 95% of the Suns Glare
  • Rejects over 99% of damaging UV Rays

yet maintains a clear view through the window!


Solar Window Film delivers all year round

In summer, solar heat gain entering through windows can lead to uncomfortable temperatures far above the optimum of 21-23°C. Air conditioning costs can increase as we attempt to return to this temperature. Likewise, during winter months, the heat lost through windows can lead to increased heating costs.

A further problem, excessive glare, can also contribute to a visually uncomfortable environment – increasing employee fatigue and reducing their productivity. This is particularly a problem when working with display boards and/ or computer screens, and especially in the low winter sun.

Heat and Glare entering through windows is a problem all year round – but fortunately they can be alleviated with Solar Window Film.


Solar Control Window Film in action:

Solar Window Film in Action


The images above show the amount of heat passing through a window both with and without the application of Window Film. It is clear that the application of Solar Window Film greatly reduces the amount of heat which is allowed to pass through the glass.


Solar Window Film is;

  • cost effective, with proven ROI
  • clean and quick to install with a minimum of disruption
  • requires no additional maintenance
  • comes with a 10 year warranty
  • available in a variety of colours to compliment the buildings appearance


A perfect partner to blinds

Window Film is a perfect partner to blinds – protecting against excessive heat and glare during the day, whilst the blinds can be closed in the evening to add privacy.


A great addition to all types of glazing

Solar Window Film can be used to upgrade existing glazing and bring it up to modern standards, but is also highly effective when installed to modern, newly installed glazing.

Although modern glazing may have tints, solar, or low e coatings designed to improve performance, sometimes these might not be sufficient and overheating or excessive glare could still be an issue.

Solar Window Film can improve the performance of this glazing further, alleviating any remaining issues with heat or glare.


Solar Window Film helps to Save Energy

By addressing the problems associated with solar heat gain, glare and winter heat loss, Solar Window Film can;

Solar Window Film Saves Energy


  • Improve a buildings energy efficiency, helping to lower a buildings carbon footprint,
  • Help to maintain a more comfortable (and therefore more productive) working environment,
  • Provide a healthy return on investment!


yet maintain the view through the window!

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