Save Lives and Save Energy with Window Film

Save Lives AND Save Energy?

Safety and Security Window films can also offer energy Savings

Energy Saving Window FilmThe main purpose of ARC Safety and Security Window Film is to offer added protection and Save Lives. However, when combined with a Solar Control Window Film – they can Save Energy too.

Here at ARC we have a range of Window Films which combine the benefits of increased safety with Energy Savings – our Solar Safety Range.

The potential energy savings of Window Film depends on many factors, including:

  • Building design, construction, and size
  • Type and size of the current glazing
  • Current air conditioning systems
  • Geographical location, direction and surrounding environment
  • Local weather conditions and climate

Our industry leading EFilm software uses these factors along with film choice to forecast the achievable energy savings. Payback is typically between 2-5 years in commercial applications, however when you take into account additional factors such as the effect of improving thermal comfort and subsequently worker productivity - you begin to achieve quite a substantial return on investment.


Improving more than just the energy bill

Window film can reduce your energy costs, but can make other savings to building maintenance and running costs too:

  • Reduced Air Conditioning Load - If your air conditioning equipment is not working so hard it will last longer and need less maintenance.
  • Better management of overall temperatures – If temperatures across a building are more balanced and fluctuate less, then the systems which control temperature will be much more efficient.



Additional Window Film Benefits:

The greatest advantage of window film when compared to alternatives is that it offers a combination of benefits. Films can include some if not all of the following additional benefits:


ARC Advice Service

With a combined experience of over 40 years in the window film industry, the ARC team are here to help with any enquiry.

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