Blast Mitigation Window Film

Blast Mitigation Window Film

Bomb Blasts and GlazingBlast Mitigation

Windows are the most vulnerable part of any building and in the event of an attack they can become the most dangerous.

90% of all injuries associated with bomb blasts are not caused by the blast itself - they are caused by the glass shards from surrounding windows and doors that are blown out by the shockwave.

Window Film helps to better protect people and property by helping to hold the glass together in the event of an attack.


Previously had Window Film Installed?  Are you adequately protected?

Your glazing may already be fitted with Blast Mitigation Window Film, but does it offer adequate protection?

With terrorists using more powerful explosives and larger devices, older Window Films may no longer provide adequate protection from bomb blasts. This, in combination with the fact that the performance of Window Film reduces over time, means that you may not be achieving the level of protection you require.

Advances in Window Film technology and installation methods also mean that the latest Safety and Security Window Films provide substantially improved protection compared to older versions.

The condition of older window films can easily be assessed using some simple tests. Contact us to arrange a health check and audit of your existing Window Film.



Additional Window Film Benefits:

The greatest advantage of window film when compared to alternatives is that it offers a combination of benefits. Films can include some if not all of the following additional benefits:


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With a combined experience of over 40 years in the window film industry, the ARC team are here to help with any enquiry.

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