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  • Matte White Privacy Film
    Matte White Privacy Film
  • Cut Frost Privacy Film
    Cut Frost Privacy Film
  • Whiteout Window Film
    Whiteout Window Film
  • Blackout Window Film
    Blackout Window Film

Privacy Window Film is an excellent way to add privacy to existing glazing

Privacy Window Film can be installed to existing glazing to control viewing and make areas more private. The choice of privacy window film will depend on the level and type of privacy required.


Privacy Window FilmAdd Privacy to Existing glass with Privacy Window Film:


  • Add one or two way privacy
  • Retain the benefits of Natural Light
  • Quick and non-disruptive installation
  • No additional maintenance
  • Can be removed should privacy no longer be required



One Way Mirror Film

“One way privacy and maintain the visible light”


one way mirror filmReflective window film can be used to protect against the unwanted intrusion of prying eyes, whilst still maintaining the view outwards. It is sometimes referred to as “one way mirror film” or “daylight privacy film.” It is effectively a solar control window film, but also operates as a privacy window film. This added privacy can be achieved whilst still allowing natural light through.

The film gives the glass the capability to act like a one way mirror, but it is a difference in lighting conditions that activates it – one side will need to be brighter than the other for the mirror to work. This is why it is sometimes called “daylight privacy film” – as during the day you can see outside and people cannot see inside. Of an evening, this is reversed (similar to standard  glass.)

Reflective Window Films are especially useful during the summer months as they reduce the need for blinds for protection from the sun (see Solar Window Film.)

We also have dual reflective window films which are less reflective on the inside – for applications when internal reflectivity is not desirable. These also reduce the lighting difference needed to “activate” the one way mirror effect.



Matte Privacy Film

“Two way privacy and maintain the visible light”


matt privacy filmMatte Privacy window film can be used to enhance the appearance of existing glazing, whilst also protecting against the unwanted intrusion of prying eyes. These films are available in a range of shades and colours, allowing you to choose a film that will complement your buildings interior design.

Matte Privacy window film can be applied to an entire pane, or cut into shapes or patterns as desired. These films are also particularly useful in office environments to counter the goldfish effect caused when glass partitions are used.



Whiteout and Blackout Window Film

“Two way privacy – complete blackout film”


whiteout window filmblackout window filmThese films are the ultimate privacy window film as they completely stop the passage of light and vision through the glass in both directions and are ideal where 100% privacy is required.

Usually Whiteout or Blackout film is required for reasons of security or interior planning – most often because of alterations or refurbishments to a building.

It can be used as a temporary or semi-permanent privacy measure.




Bespoke full colour print

“Endless possibilities with full colour printing”


bespoke printYour glass is a blank canvass that can be used to communicate with employees, customers, and the public. With a full colour printed window vinyl your imagination is the limit as you begin to use glass to its full potential.

Full colour prints can be used to achieve complete or partial privacy. They can be used to restrict visible light, and are an excellent way to improve the look and feel of your workplace.


For more information on our bespoke full colour prints, please see our window graphics section.



Lumisty Window Film

“Privacy that changes with the viewing angle”


lumisty window filmLumisty® Window Film is capturing the imagination of leading interior designers, architects and retail branding specialists around the world.

This innovative product changes from transparent to translucent, depending on the angle of view. Lumisty Window Film therefore makes it possible to control the angles which can and cannot be viewed through glass.

Lumisty can be used to block unsightly views, create unique privacy effects or draw attention to a product in a retail display. It can also be cut to shape – enabling both simple and complex images and designs to fade in and out as they are viewed by passing pedestrians.

For more information please our section on lumisty window film.



One way printed vision film

“One way privacy with printed image”

one way printed privacy













One way vision films can be used to display an image on the outer side, yet allow viewing through from the inner side.

As with bespoke full colour prints the limit is your imagination with the designs you can achieve. They are excellent for use when the view in one direction needs to be maintained, yet the full communication power of the glass needs to be realised.


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