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    Transparent Coloured Window Film
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Add vibrant colour to your glazing with Coloured Window Film

Coloured Window Film can be used to brighten up any room, adding colour to create a wide range of visual ambiances. It can be applied to an entire pane, or cut into shapes or patterns as desired. These films are particularly useful in schools, or where company colours need to be introduced to areas of glazing.


Coloured Window FilmWe have three types in our range:


Reflective Coloured Window Film

Much like the reflective silver window films, these films offer a reflective “one way mirror” effect but with colour. You can enjoy the benefits of reduced heat and glare, whilst adding colour to the glazing.


Transparent Coloured Window Film

These non-reflective coloured films add colour but offer viewing through the window in both directions. We offer coloured vinyl as well as coloured window film, and can even print to any RAL or Pantone colour.


Translucent Coloured Window Film

These non reflective coloured films add colour but prevent viewing through the window in both directions. They are excellent for use when privacy is required, but colour is also desirable.



Coloured Window Film can retain the benefits of natural light

The light transmission properties of coloured window films make them in many cases more preferable to solid printed vinyl – as natural light need not be sacrificed.

The provision of natural light in working environments has been linked to a 15% decrease in absenteeism, and increases of 3% – 20% in productivity. In addition to this there can be energy savings from a reduction in interior lighting use.


Looking for a bespoke design?

Logos, manifestation, or branding can also be used to add colour and life to glazing. Please see our section on printed window graphics for more information.





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